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uk /krɪsp/ us /krɪsp/ mainly approving

crisp adjective (HARD)

hard enough to be broken easily

used to describe cooked foods, such as pastry and biscuits, that are well cooked so that they are just dry and hard enough

Crisp fruit or vegetables are fresh and firm:

a crisp apple

C2 Crisp paper or cloth is stiff and smooth:

a crisp new £5 note/a crisp white tablecloth

crisp adjective (COLD)

C2 Crisp weather is cold, dry, and bright:

Crisp air is cold, dry, and fresh:

I breathed in deeply the crisp mountain air.
adverb uk /ˈkrɪ us /ˈkrɪ
noun [ U ] uk /ˈkrɪsp.nəs/ us /ˈkrɪsp.nəs/


uk /krɪsp/ us /krɪsp/

crisp noun (POTATO)

A2 [ C usually plural ] UK US chip, potato chip a very thin, often round piece of fried potato, sometimes with a flavour added, sold especially in plastic bags:

a packet of salt and vinegar crisps

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us /krɪsp/

crisp adjective (HARD)

(of food) hard enough to be broken easily instead of bent:

crisp bacon
crisp rolls

crisp adjective (FRESH)

fresh and clean:

I like to sleep on crisp cotton sheets.
The teller handed me a crisp hundred-dollar bill.

crisp adjective (COOL)

(of air) cool, clear, and likely to make you feel awake and active:

Crisp breezes bring out boats of every size.
It was a crisp, midwinter morning in Massachusetts.

crisp adjective (DIRECT)

(of speech or writing) quick and direct:

I prefer Channel 1’s crisp presentation of the news.
adjective us /ˈkrɪs·pi/


hot, crispy noodles

crispnoun [ C usually pl ]

us /krɪsp/ Br

crisp noun [ C usually pl ] (FRIED POTATO)

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