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"cup" in British English

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uk /kʌp/ us /kʌp/


A1 [ C ] a small, round container, often with a handle, used for drinking tea, coffee, etc.:

a cup and saucer
a plastic/paper cup
a coffee cup/teacup

[ C ] US a container that holds slightly under a quarter of a litre of liquid, used for measuring when cooking

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cup noun (SPORT)

B1 [ C ] a specially designed cup, usually with two handles and often made of silver, given as a prize in a sports competition or in a game or match in which the winner receives such a cup:

Sheila won this cup in the school squash championship.
The Davis Cup is an important championship.

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cup noun (CONTAINER)

[ C ] a bowl-shaped container:

an egg cup

[ C ] one of the two parts that support the breasts in a woman's bra (= piece of underwear):

"What size bra do you wear?" "I wear a C cup."

[ C ] US UK box a curved piece of hard plastic that is worn by men while playing sports to protect their outer sex organs

cupverb [ T ]

uk /kʌp/ us /kʌp/ -pp-

CUPnoun [ U ]

uk /ˌsiː ˌjuː ˈpiː/ us /ˌsiː ˌjuː ˈpiː/ specialized

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"cup" in American English

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cupnoun [ C ]

us /kʌp/

a small, round container, usually with a handle, used esp. for hot drinks such as coffee and tea:

Would you like a cup of coffee?

A cup is also a unit of measure equal to half a pint and often used in cooking:

a cup of flour

cupverb [ T ]

us /kʌp/ -pp-

to press your hands together to form a ball-like shape with an opening at the top between your thumbs, or to hold something gently with a hand or between both hands:

He cupped his hands and dipped them in the water to get a drink.
She cupped her baby's face in her hands and kissed him.

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