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uk /dɪˈkleər/ us /dɪˈkler/

declare verb (EXPRESS)

B2 [ T ] to announce something clearly, firmly, publicly, or officially:

They declared their support for the proposal
[ + (that) ] She declared (that) it was the best chocolate cake she had ever tasted.
[ + obj + (to be) + noun/adj ] They declared themselves (to be) bankrupt.
[ + speech ] "I won't do it!" he declared.
America declared war on Japan in 1941 (= announced officially that it was at war).
figurative The government has declared war on (= announced that thaey intended to stop) the drug dealers.
The country declared independence in 1952 (= announced that it was no longer under the control of another country).

B1 [ T ] to officially tell someone the value of goods you have bought, or the amount of money you have earned because you might have to pay tax:

Nothing to declare.
Goods to declare.
You have to declare any earnings over a certain amount.

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declareverb [ T ]

us /dɪˈkleər/

to announce or express something clearly and publicly, esp. officially:

The courts declared the policy unconstitutional.
A state of emergency has been declared because of severe flooding.
People use their license plates to declare their team loyalty.
[ + that clause ] I declare that is the best chocolate cake I’ve ever eaten!

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"declare" in Business English

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declareverb [ T ]

uk /dɪˈkleər/ us

to make a public or official statement about something:

All pre-existing health conditions should be declared to your insurer.
After the acquittal, CEO, Bill Peters, declared: "We feel vindicated."
declare (that) The Serious Fraud Office is expected to declare that it will be conducting further investigations.
declare sb/sth (to be) sth The WTO issued an interim ruling declaring the subsidies illegal.
declare yourself to be sth Silverjet, the transatlantic business airline, has declared itself carbon-neutral.
declare a ban/moratorium on sth In times of crisis the industry must declare a moratorium on aggressive marketing and sales tactics.
declare bankruptcy If restrictions on air travel are enforced, several of the large airlines may be forced to declare bankruptcy.
declare sb bankrupt Figures released by the bank showed almost 12,000 companies had been declared bankrupt in the third quarter of the year.

TAX to make a written statement to the tax authorities containing information about money you have earned, shares you have bought, etc.:

Winterway Investments have declared a 14.6% stake in the new corporation.
Companies who fail to declare their accounts on time are breaking the law.
declare earnings/profits/losses Many eBay traders are unaware that they have to declare their earnings.

TAX, TRANSPORT to tell customs that you are bringing goods into a country on which you have to pay tax:

The green channel is for those passengers with nothing to declare.
declare an interest/a conflict of interest(s)

to say publicly that you could gain a personal advantage from a situation and so might not be able to make decisions that are fair and honest:

The Mayor was advised to declare a potential conflict of interest over a road project that could boost his wife's business.
declare a dividend

FINANCE, STOCK MARKET to tell shareholders that they will receive a dividend (= a share of a company's profits) and how much it will be:

The Fund declares and pays dividends on net investment income on a quarterly basis.

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