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deemverb [ T not continuous ]

uk /diːm/ us /diːm/ formal

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deemverb [ T ]

us /dim/

to consider or judge:

The president asked Congress for authority to take whatever steps he deemed necessary, including the use of force.

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In this respect, do you deem it possible to come up with a clear definition of the open coordination method in the short term?
On the other hand, a summer holiday in the country of origin can turn into a nightmare for migrant girls, when family members deem it necessary to uphold their tradition.
So, in summary, the vast majority of our group will not be voting in favour of this motion as it stands because we deem it to be imbalanced.
With this in mind, please understand that we have reduced the compensation to a level that we deem to be economically fair.
If you deem pensions unimportant, then you will consider them to be a liability which leads to higher taxes and premiums.
We therefore deem it important to enshrine once again the bio-availability – meaning available to be used by the body – of vitamins and minerals.
Through the resolution all the political groups demonstrate their support for reform of the common agricultural policy, a reform which we all deem necessary.
At the national parliamentary level, there are oversight committees which at any time may have access to data which they deem necessary.
The outcome of this conciliation will lead to more liberalisation than we deem useful, but less than threatened to be the case initially.
They are extremely disappointed and can think of all sorts of reasons to support this view, while others deem it a unique and historic event.