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deserveverb [ T not continuous ]

uk /dɪˈzɜːv/ us /dɪˈzɝːv/

B1 to have earned or to be given something because of the way you have behaved or the qualities you have:

After all that hard work, you deserve a holiday.
Chris deserves our special thanks for all his efforts.
I hope they get the punishment they deserve.
[ + to infinitive ] They certainly deserved to win that game.

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"deserve" in American English

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us /dɪˈzɜrv/

to have earned something or be given something because of your actions or qualities:

[ T ] These charities deserve your support.
[ + to infinitive ] The American people deserve to know what went wrong.
[ T ] I hope those crooks get what they deserve (= receive a punishment that suits their crime).

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As long as they are not harmful and their composition is known, they deserve to be given the benefit of the doubt.
I think these questions deserve careful consideration.
Overall, the proposals deserve our support and, indeed, have it: we are all aware of how important they are and we all want their path to be smooth.
They deserve and have our solidarity.
Of course, they deserve a dignified reception.
If they are prevented by some unavoidable catastrophe that is a breach of democracy, but if they do not bother coming, they do not deserve the vote.
I am therefore very much in favour of these two reports being adopted, and the rapporteurs deserve our thanks for their work.
Only if sport is doping-free does it deserve recognition, and only if they are clean are sportsmen real examples to others.
In the area of external border control, we noted the importance of the various joint initiatives that have been developed in recent months, which deserve better coordination.
The issue is not about keeping people out, but making sure that, having come in, they are treated with the dignity they deserve.