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uk /dɪˈvel.əp.mənt/ us /dɪˈvel.əp.mənt/

development noun (GROWTH)

B1 [ U ] the process in which someone or something grows or changes and becomes more advanced:

healthy growth and development
The documentary traced the development of popular music through the ages.
The region suffers from under-/over-development (= having too little/much industry).
a development project (= one to help improve industry) in Pakistan

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adjective uk /dɪˌvel.əpˈmen.təl/ us /dɪˌvel.əpˈmen.t̬əl/

a developmental process/problem

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developmentnoun [ C/U ]

us /dɪˈvel·əp·mənt/

development noun [ C/U ] (GROWTH)

the process of growing or changing and becoming more advanced:

[ U ] A good diet and lots of exercise are essential for a child’s healthy growth and development.
[ U ] I took a history course that dealt with the development of popular culture.

literature In a literary work, development is the movement from one event to another or the changes in the charactersunderstanding.

A development is a recent important event that is the latest in a series of related events:

[ C ] There is a new development in the plans to reorganize the fire department.

Development is also the organized increase of a country’s industry and wealth.

development noun [ C/U ] (CREATION)

the process of coming into existence or of creating something new or more advanced:

[ U ] We were waiting for the development of new plans for the city’s convention center.
[ U ] I’m in charge of product development (= the creation and design of new products) for the company.
[ C ] Cotton fields were replaced by housing developments (= groups of similar houses built at the same time) as the city experienced rapid growth.

Development is also the building of houses, stores, or offices, esp. by a company to make a profit, on an area of land where there were none before.

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"development" in Business English

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uk /dɪˈveləpmənt/ us

[ U ] growth or changes that make something become more advanced:

The first year of the plan is primarily focused on organizational development.
He was recruited to oversee international business development.

[ U ] the process of creating something such as a new product or service:

software development
The next stage in the development of this product line is a retail version.

[ U ] the process of producing a plan, idea, etc.:

Motorola said it did not expect its policy, which has been in development since June, to affect its bottom line.

[ C ] a recent event which is the latest in a series of related events:

Keeping up with new developments on the web is not easy.
These beneficial economic developments have followed trade and investment liberalization.

[ U ] ECONOMICS the planned increase of a country’s industry and wealth:

The EU has exercised leadership and argued for policies that support the expansion of trade, growth, and development.
development projects

[ U ] HR improvement of a skill, ability, quality, etc.:

An industry convention is a terrific venue for business skills training and professional development.
They invested resources into employee training and development.
individual/career/staff development

[ C ] also UK housing development, also US real estate development PROPERTY a group of similar buildings built in an area by a particular developer:

They recently bought a house in one of the town's new developments.

[ U ] PROPERTY the building of houses, stores, offices, etc. usually by a company to make a profit, usually on an area of land where there were none before:

The land will be used for private development.
He began his career at Goldman Sachs and moved on to real-estate development in the New York City area.
commercial/industrial development

[ C or U ] NATURAL RESOURCES an area of land that is used for its natural resources, or the use of an area of land for its natural resources:

Oil producers have focused their efforts on optimizing production from existing fields and investing more aggressively in new developments.

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If sustainable development is to be possible, each country must do more than it is currently doing, and together we must do more than we are currently doing.
Neither are we respecting the agreement to invest more in research and development, and that too applies to both the private and public sectors.
In this regard, they will become one of the main, essential players in this development, which we would like to be long term.
Poverty-related diseases are a serious threat to the development of poor countries, and we have the important task of helping these countries fight these diseases.
Then there will be no development round!
In the field of competitiveness, we are keen to support entrepreneurship, because it is vital not just to economic development, but to social cohesion, employment and regional development.
We have to take especial note of the fact that public-sector investment is collapsing in those economies on which a major part of our economic development depends.
If this policy produces results, it will open up new prospects not only for development but also for hopes of democracy.
Firstly, the agricultural development programmes that it is financing in the developing countries will all have to include a section that provides aid for the marketing of food products.
First, our fisheries activity at international level, and in particular any agreements reached directly with third countries, must be made compatible with our development policy.