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uk /ˈdɪf.ər.əns/ us /ˈdɪf.ɚ.əns/

difference noun (NOT THE SAME)

A2 [ C or U ] the way in which two or more things which you are comparing are not the same:

What's the difference between an ape and a monkey?
Is there any significant difference in quality between these two items?
make a (big) difference B2 also make all the difference

to improve a situation (a lot):

Exercise can make a big difference to your state of health.
Putting up some new wallpaper has made all the difference to the place.
not make any difference B2 also not make the slightest difference

to not change a situation in any way:

You can ask him again if you want, but it won't make any difference - he'll still say no.
It makes no difference where you put the plants - they won't grow in this soil.
with a difference

used to say that something is unusual, and more interesting or better than other things of the same type:

Try new Cremetti - the ice cream with a difference.

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difference noun (NOT AGREEING)

C2 [ C usually plural ] a disagreement:

They had a terrible argument a few weeks ago, but now they've settled/resolved their differences.
have a difference of opinion

to disagree:

They had a difference of opinion about/over their child's education.

difference noun (AMOUNT)

B1 [ C or U ] the amount by which one thing is different from another:

a(n) age/price/temperature difference
There's a big difference in age between them.
There's a difference of eight years between them.

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differencenoun [ C/U ]

us /ˈdɪf·rəns, -ər·əns/

the way in which two things being compared are not the same, or the fact of not being the same:

[ C ] We try to teach the kids the difference between right and wrong.
[ C ] We’d like better seats, but if the difference in price is too much, we’ll keep what we have.

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