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dignitynoun [ U ]

uk /ˈdɪɡ.nə.ti/ us /ˈdɪɡ.ə.t̬i/

C2 calm, serious, and controlled behaviour that makes people respect you:

He is a man of dignity and calm determination.
She has a quiet dignity about her.
I think everyone should be able to die with dignity.

the importance and value that a person has, that makes other people respect them or makes them respect themselves:

How could you wear something so indecent? Have you no dignity?
In hospital, she felt stripped of all her dignity.
He longs for a society in which the dignity of all people is recognized.

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dignitynoun [ U ]

us /ˈdɪɡ·nɪ·t̬i/

the quality of a person that makes him or her deserving of respect, sometimes shown in behavior or appearance:

Laws of privacy are designed to protect the dignity of individuals.

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I would also like to say that respect for health, safety and dignity means a commitment from everyone, first of all from the workers themselves, and also from employers.
I am thinking, for example, of the inviolability of human dignity, the right to life with the prohibition of the death penalty.
The citizens' confidence in the audiovisual service must be won through compliance with the principles of the protection of human dignity and of minors.
At this very important juncture, you said that racism, xenophobia and antisemitism are totally incompatible with the defence of human rights and the dignity of the human person.
We know the creation of clones to provide healthy cells for the benefit of the original is an affront to that dignity.
There can be no compromises with terrorists, any more than there can be compromises when human dignity, human rights and the upholding of the law are at stake.
The international community and those in positions of power should always give human dignity and human rights precedence over economic interests.
The issue is not about keeping people out, but making sure that, having come in, they are treated with the dignity they deserve.
Nor, sometimes, is there any difference between the crimes and acts of inhumanity committed by men in denial of other persons' dignity.
We know very well that cloning is an attack on that dignity, especially when it involves embryonic reduction in the secrecy of laboratories.