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displayverb [ T ]

uk /dɪˈspleɪ/ us /dɪˈspleɪ/


uk /dɪˈspleɪ/ us /dɪˈspleɪ/

display noun (ARRANGEMENT)

B1 [ C or U ] a collection of objects or pictures arranged for people to look at, or a performance or show for people to watch:

There's an Egyptian art collection on display (= being shown) at the museum at the moment.
a fireworks display

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displayverb [ T ]

us /dɪˈspleɪ/

display verb [ T ] (SHOW)

to show something or a collection of things in an organized way for people to see:

The museum displays the tools and clothes of native Indians.

display verb [ T ] (BECOME KNOWN)

to let something become known by what you say or do, or how you look:

He doesn’t display much emotion.


us /dɪˈspleɪ/

display noun (COLLECTION)

[ C/U ] an arrangement or collection of one or more things that are shown in an organized way:

[ U ] Paintings and carvings of birds and animals will be on display in the main ballroom of the hotel.

display noun (SHOW OF FEELING)

[ C ] the act of showing a feeling or quality by what you say or do, or how you look:

It was an impressive display of unity and goodwill among South Africa’s diverse legislators.

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"display" in Business English

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uk /dɪˈspleɪ/ us

[ C ] MARKETING, COMMERCE a collection of products or objects arranged for people to look at or buy in a store:

The company has launched a new range of toiletries with a gloriously bright green in-store display of fresh grass.
a display window/shelf/counter
a window display

[ U ] MARKETING, COMMERCE the act of arranging goods or objects for people to look at or buy in a store:

The window dresser is responsible for choosing items for display in the stores.

[ C or U ] IT the words and pictures that you see on a computer screen or other piece of electronic equipment:

Data projectors allow any computer display to be shown on large screens or white walls in class or the school hall.
Check the on-screen display to ensure that it makes sense to you.

[ C ] IT a screen that is part of a computer system or other piece of equipment:

Watch the cash register display at the checkout counter to see how much you are spending.
display monitor/panel/screen He showed me the picture on his digital camera's display screen.
on display

MARKETING, COMMERCE arranged for people to look at or buy in a store:

The store is increasing the number of products on display.
Computers are put on display at one of the company's retail outlets in the city.

displayverb [ T ]

uk /dɪˈspleɪ/ us

MARKETING, COMMERCE to arrange goods or objects for people to look at or buy in a store:

display prices/products The contract with retailers governs how they display our product in stores.
clearly/prominently displayed At the business premises, the name and address of the proprietor must be clearly displayed.

IT to show words, pictures, etc. on a screen:

The 10 pages with the highest score are displayed on your screen.
Most websites get revenue from ads displayed to visitors.
Retailers should display delivery times and costs on their websites.

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