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uk /dɪˈvɪʒ.ən/ us /dɪˈvɪʒ.ən/

division noun (PART)

B2 [ U ] the act of separating something into parts or groups, or the way that it is separated:

the equal division of labour between workers

B2 [ C ] a separate part of an army or large organization:

the sales division

B2 [ C ] a group of teams that play against each other in a particular sport:

The team plays in one of the lower divisions.

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us /dɪˈvɪʒ·ən/

division noun (SEPARATION)

[ C/U ] the separation of something into parts or groups, or one of the parts or groups that has been separated:

[ U ] The division of responsibilities among the officers of the company was spelled out in detail.

[ C/U ] A division is a unit of an organization:

[ C ] An army division is commanded by a major general.
[ C ] He works for the company’s research division.
[ C ] The game for the Eastern Division championship of the National Football League is scheduled for tomorrow.

division noun (CALCULATION)

mathematics [ U ] the process of finding the number of times one number is contained within another

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"division" in Business English

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uk /dɪˈvɪʒən/ us

[ C ] WORKPLACE one of the main separate parts that a company, or group of companies, is divided into:

The year-on-year profit figure for the division fell by 36%.
Private Bank is a division of the Bank of Boston that invests for wealthy individuals.

[ U ] the process of dividing or sharing something between different people or groups:

The board will oversee the fair division of the assets.

[ U ] the process of dividing one number by another:

The ratio is obtained by the division of current assets by current liabilities.

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