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uk /dʌn/ us /dʌn/

past participle of do

doneadjective [ after verb ]

uk /dʌn/ us /dʌn/

done adjective [ after verb ] (DEALT WITH)

If something is done, or you are done with it, it is finished, or you have finished doing, using it, etc.:

The painting is almost done - I just have one corner of the kitchen left.
Are you done with those scissors yet?
mainly US I'm all done with the vacuuming. Is there anything else I can do?
a done deal

a plan that has been formally arranged or agreed and that is now certain to happen:

Although it has yet to happen, reform of the sector is regarded as a done deal.

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said to show that you accept someone's offer or that you agree to something:

"I'll give you 20 quid for all five of them." "Done!"

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us /dʌn/

past participle of do

You can say “done” to show that you agree to something:

“I’ll give you $25 for the chair.” “Done!”

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uk /dʌn/ us
a done deal

a formally arranged and agreed plan that will certainly happen:

"The merger is far from a done deal," said a spokeswoman.

said to show that you accept an offer or agree to something:

I said "£5,000" to which he replied, "Done!" and shook my hand.

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