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Meaning of “double” in the English Dictionary

"double" in British English

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uk   us   /ˈdʌb.l̩/
A2 twice the ​size, ​amount, ​price, etc., or consisting of two ​similar things together: I ​ordered a double ​espresso (= two ​standardamounts in one ​cup). Go through the double doors and ​turnleft. The word "​cool" has a double "o" in the ​middle. Everything he says has a double meaning (= has two ​possiblemeanings). This ​painkiller is double strength (= has ​twice the ​normalamount of ​medicine).UK Sabiha's ​phonenumber is double three, one, five, double seven (= 331577). A double ​flower or ​plant is a ​flower with more than the ​usualnumber of petals: a double ​primrose
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uk   us   /ˈdʌb.l̩/

double noun (PERSON)

[C usually singular] a ​person who ​looksexactly the same as someone ​else: Hey, ​Tony, I ​met someone at a ​party last ​week who was ​your double.

double noun (TWO PLAYERS)

doubles [U] a ​game of ​tennis or a ​similarsport between two ​teams of two ​people: men's/women's/​mixed doubles Who ​won the men's doubles at Wimbledon this ​year?

double noun (TWO WINS)

[usually singular] UK an ​occasion when a ​footballteamwins two ​major competitions in a ​single season: Which was the first ​team to do the double in ​Englishfootball?

double noun (BASEBALL)

[C] US in ​baseball, a ​hit that ​allows the batter (= ​person who ​hits the ​ball) to ​reach second base

doubleverb [I or T]

uk   us   /ˈdʌb.l̩/
B2 to ​becometwice as much or as many, or to make something ​twice as much or many: The ​governmentaims to double the ​number of ​students in ​highereducation within 25 ​years. Company ​profits have doubled since the ​introduction of new ​technology.
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doublenoun, predeterminer

uk   us   /ˈdʌb.l̩/
B1 something that is ​twice the ​amount, ​size, ​strength, etc. of something ​else: I ​paid double (= ​twice as much) for those ​trousers last ​week. Electrical ​goods are ​almost double theprice they were a few ​years ago. "Would you like another ​whisky?" "Yes. Make it a double (= two ​standardamounts in one ​glass)."
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uk   us   /ˈdʌb.l̩/
in two ​parts or ​layers: Fold the ​blanket double (= so that it is in two ​layers) and then you won't be ​cold. They were ​bent double (= ​theirheads and ​shoulders were ​bentforward and down) from ​decades of ​work in the ​fields.see double to have a ​problem with ​youreyes so that you ​see two of everything, usually because you are ​drunk or ​ill: I ​startedseeing double, then I ​fainted.
(Definition of double from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

"double" in American English

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doubleadjective, adverb [not gradable]

 us   /ˈdʌb·əl/

double adjective, adverb [not gradable] (TWICE)

twice the ​size, ​amount, ​price, etc., or consisting of two ​similar things together: The ​cost of going to the ​movies is ​almost double what it was a few ​years ago. Fold the ​blanket double (= so that it is in two ​layers) and then you won’t be ​cold. A double ​bed is a ​bed for two ​people. If you are ​seeing double, you are ​seeing two of everything.

doublenoun [C usually sing]

 us   /ˈdʌb·əl/

double noun [C usually sing] (PERSON)

a ​person who ​looks the same as someone ​else: She is a double for Mary Tyler Moore.

doubleverb [I/T]

 us   /ˈdʌb·əl/

double verb [I/T] (TWICE)

to ​becometwice as much or as many, or to make something ​twice as much or as many: [I] Company ​profits have ​doubled in the last ​year. [T] For four ​people, just double the ​recipe (= make ​twice as much). If something or someone doubles as something or someone ​else, that ​person or thing has a second use or ​job: [I] The ​kitchentable doubles as my ​desk.
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(Definition of double from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

"double" in Business English

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uk   us   /ˈdʌbl/
[I] to become twice as much or as many: Some ​shareprices can double in 12 months.double in size/price/value He ​reckons the ​company can double in ​size over the next five ​years. Production more than doubled from 4 million to 8.5 million ​peryear in three ​years.
[T] to make something twice as much or many: She is unlikely to ​accept, ​even though the ​offer would double her ​salary. Strong ​carsales more than doubled the company's ​profits in the first ​quarter.

doublenoun [U]

uk   us   /ˈdʌbl/
twice the ​amount, ​size, etc. of something else: pay/cost double He ​offered to ​pay them double to get the ​job done on ​time. The ​truefigure is 30%, more than double the ​figure of 14% ​quoted. The ​groupincreasedoperatingprofit to $21.2 million, almost double its $11 million ​figure for last ​year. Unemployment in the ​region is double that of its neighbouring ​area.


uk   us   /ˈdʌbl/
two ​times the ​size, ​amount, ​price, etc.: Taxis in the ​conferencearea were said to be ​charging double ​rates. Staff have been ​working double ​shifts, 16 ​hours at a ​time, throughout the Christmas ​period.
consisting of two similar things together: double digits/figures He warned that ​inflation could soon ​reach double ​digits. His ​extensionnumber is 008, that's double zero eight.
(Definition of double from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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“double” in Business English

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