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"drop off" in American English

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drop off

phrasal verb with drop us /drɑp/ verb -pp-


to begin to sleep:

I must have dropped off during the show, because I don’t remember how it ended.

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"drop off" in Business English

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drop off

UK also drop away
phrasal verb with drop uk /drɒp/ us verb -pp-

[ I ] to become lower in level, value, price, etc.:

Business dropped off a little during the summer.
The company's growth dropped off steadily to 0.3% last year.

drop-offnoun [ C, usually singular ]

also dropoff uk us

a reduction in the amount or level of something:

Analysts say the employment drop-off is directly linked to a slowdown in housing construction
a drop-off in sth There was a sharp drop-off in industrial production in December.
a slight/steep/significant drop-off
expect/notice/see a drop-off

TRANSPORT an act of taking people, goods, mail, etc. to a place, or the place where you take them:

Passenger drop-off is allowed only in the designated area.
recycling/waste drop-off Take anti-freeze, paint thinners, or other chemicals to a hazardous waste drop-off.
drop-off area/centre/point

(Definition of “drop off” from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)