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uk /iˈlæb.ər.ət/ us /iˈlæb.ɚ.ət/

C2 containing a lot of careful detail or many detailed parts:

You want a plain blouse to go with that skirt - nothing too elaborate.
They're making the most elaborate preparations for the wedding.
He came out with such an elaborate excuse that I didn't quite believe him.

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adverb uk /iˈlæb.ər.ə us /iˈlæb.ɚ.ə

It was the most elaborately decorated cake - all sugar flowers and bows.

elaborateverb [ I ]

uk /iˈlæb.ə.reɪt/ us /iˈlæb.ə.reɪt/ formal
noun [ C or U ] uk /iˌlæb.əˈreɪ.ʃən/ us /iˌlæb.əˈreɪ.ʃən/

This point needs greater elaboration.

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"elaborate" in American English

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us /ɪˈlæb·ə·rət/

containing a lot of connected parts or many complicated details:

an elaborate ceremony
an elaborate fireworks display
They had created elaborate computer programs to run the system.
adverb us /ɪˈlæb·ə·rət·li/

an elaborately decorated dining room

elaborateverb [ I ]

us /ɪˈlæb·əˌreɪt/

to add more information or explain something that you have said:

He refused to elaborate on why he had resigned.

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We will elaborate a bit further on this when we come forward with a concrete proposal on how to deliver and put in place the flagship projects.
I will not elaborate on that.
I will not elaborate further.
The poorest regions must be encouraged to elaborate integrated plans for development as national documents which could serve as a basis for relating their specific features and potential.
During the past years, the procedures for drawing up and evaluating activities financed by us have become more elaborate, but also more systematic.
I would like to ask you to elaborate on this in somewhat more detail in your response, in your closing thoughts, and let us know what you mean by this.
Taxes may seem to be an elaborate solution during a crisis, but if such a measure is implemented properly, its impact can extend beyond fiscal matters into education.
I will not elaborate any further.
Let me elaborate on that answer.
I am concerned about the potential for over-elaborate administrative requirements: too many people being involved in the certification and eligibility procedures.

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