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"endorsement" in American English

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us /ɪnˈdɔr·smənt/

endorsement noun (SUPPORT)

[ C/U ] the act of making a public statement of your support for something or someone:

[ U ] Both candidates have been seeking the union’s endorsement.

[ C/U ] An endorsement is also a public statement, esp. by someone who is famous, that the person uses or likes a particular product:

[ C ] Some athletes get contracts for product endorsements worth millions of dollars.

endorsement noun (SIGNATURE)

[ C ] the act of writing your name on a check:

The bank won’t take checks that have no endorsements.

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"endorsement" in Business English

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US also indorsement uk /ɪnˈdɔːsmənt/ us

[ C or U ] also product endorsement MARKETING a statement made by someone in an advertisement, especially a well-known person, saying that they use and like a particular product:

The company is considering other marketing tactics like celebrity endorsement and using cartoon characters to promote products.
Artists and athletes can earn a lot of from brands, film rights, product endorsements, and such things.
an endorsement contract/deal The young swimmer has just signed a lucrative endorsement deal with a well-known swimwear maker.

[ C or U ] a public statement made by someone saying that they approve of or support someone or something:

endorsement of sth The stock exchange was boosted by the central bank's endorsement of another interest rate cut.
a government/official/personal endorsement Federal regulators gave their official endorsement to a technology standard for digital TV broadcasts, clearing the way for the next-generation of TV sets.
a ringing/strong/overwhelming endorsement
endorsement by/from sb The plan, which would require endorsement by the federal government, is unlikely to be approved in its current form.

[ C or U ] BANKING the act of signing the back of a cheque, bill of exchange, etc. that has your name on it in order to give your permission for it to be paid to someone else:

What are the regulations for cheque endorsements?

[ C ] INSURANCE a condition that is included in an insurance agreement:

A policy endorsement can be used to modify a current policy without completely rewriting it.

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Any endorsement process should be voluntary.
A code owner would choose whether to apply for endorsement, and a firm would, therefore, choose whether or not to join this code.
I am extremely concerned, above all about the endorsement given to the call for so-called emergency contraception - the 'morning-after pill' - to be standard practice.
Tomorrow we must give this report a ringing endorsement, but we must also ensure that we do not tie our hands.
On enlargement, the two-key approach was adopted whereby a candidate country first needs the support of its regional partners before seeking endorsement from the other region.

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