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ensureverb [ T ]

US also insure uk /ɪnˈʃɔːr/ us /ɪnˈʃʊr/

B2 to make something certain to happen:

The airline is taking steps to ensure safety on its aircraft.
[ + (that) ] The role of the police is to ensure (that) the law is obeyed.
[ + two objects ] Their 2–0 victory today has ensured the Italian team a place in the Cup Final/ensured a place in the Cup Final for the Italian team.

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ensureverb [ T ]

us /ɪnˈʃʊər/


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In any case, it is a shared concern, and therefore we must ensure that we provide high-quality training and that there is guidance available.
I wish to assure you that there is concern to ensure the maximum protection of consumers in respect of the consumption of all food, including beef.
A particularly important aspect is greater emphasis on dialogue with the national authorities in beneficiary countries to ensure that national programmes more accurately reflect our mutual interest.
We need, at the end of the day, to ensure that we end up with a sensible, balanced policy of real improvements at a reasonable cost.
We must ensure that sufficient resources are available to the committee to carry out its work in an effective and timely manner.
The prior condition is to ensure that the necessary security conditions are in place for international aid agencies to ensure effective delivery.
Moreover, an adequate contribution from different economic sectors, broken down into industrial, household and agricultural sectors, must ensure that this policy is implemented.
We must ensure that future legislation does not become an electronic straitjacket, but a framework within which the culture, societal debate and interactive life of the future can unfold.
I shall continue to ensure that the right mix of funding is used to ensure that public and private actors can play their appropriate part.
I also welcome the steps that we are taking to ensure ownership unbundling as a necessary measure to finally complete our liberalisation of the energy market.