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envisageverb [ T ]

uk /ɪnˈvɪz.ɪdʒ/ us /ɪnˈvɪz.ɪdʒ/ formal US also envision

C1 to imagine or expect something in the future, especially something good:

Train fare increases of 15 percent are envisaged for the next year.
[ + that ] It's envisaged that building will start at the end of this year.
[ + -ing verb ] When do you envisage finishing the project?
[ + question word ] It's hard to envisage how it might happen.

to form a mental picture of something or someone you have never seen:

He wasn't what I'd expected - I'd envisaged someone much taller.

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I myself envisage visiting both countries by the end of the year to show my support and to study progress on the spot.
Can you envisage the introduction of dedicated taxation or duties for the funding streams which, after all, are known and do flow here?
We might envisage more support, but we first have to be aware of the limits and, secondly, support is growing and there will be more opportunities to organise cooperation.
Consequently, any return to the negotiating table depends on flexibility on the part of other leading trade partners if we are to envisage a balanced result.
Accordingly, it is no longer possible to envisage either stopping or cutting back activities without upsetting the whole balance of the sector.
The fourth and final milestone will be the preparation and analysis of the national programmes, which, we envisage, will take place in the second half of the year.
We should envisage two scenarios.
We are, however, able to envisage other methods of testing which provide at least the same level of protection for pedestrians.
I would hope that the situation that we found ourselves in this time will give us the courage for next year to make proposals which envisage a more transparent system.
As part of its remit we also envisage the authority operating an enhanced rapid alert system for food and feed concerns.