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uk   us   /ɪkˈsten.ʃən/

extension noun (REACH)

B2 [C or U] the ​fact of ​reaching, ​stretching, or ​continuing; the ​act of ​adding to something in ​order to make it ​bigger or ​longer: Martin Luther King, Jr, ​campaigned for the extension ofcivilrights to (= for them to ​include)blackpeople. The extension (= ​increasing) ofpolicepowers in the ​province has been ​heavilycriticized. His ​reportcontainedseriouscriticisms of the ​financedirector, and, by extension (= ​therefore), of the ​entireboard of ​management. The ​article is an extension of (= ​takesfurther) the ​ideas Professor Fox ​developed in an ​earlierbook. I've ​applied for an extension to my ​visa (= ​asked for it to last ​longer). They are ​hoping to get an extension oftheirloan (= to be given a ​longerperiod of ​time in which to ​pay it back).
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extension noun (PHONE)

B2 [C] any of two or more ​phones in the same ​house that ​share the same ​number, or any of a ​number of ​phonesconnected to a ​switchboard in a ​largebuilding such as an ​office: We have an extension in ​ourbedroom. When you ​call, ​ask for extension 3276.

extension noun (COMPUTER)

[C] the last ​part of the ​name of a ​computerfile, which comes after a (.) and ​shows what ​type of ​file it is

extension noun (HAIR)

(also hair extension) [C usually plural] a ​longpiece of ​hair that is ​added to a person's own ​hair in ​order to make the ​hairlonger

extension noun (BUILDING)

[C] UK (US addition) a new ​partadded to a ​house or other ​building: We're ​building an extension to/onourhouse.

extensionadjective [only before noun]

uk   us   /ɪkˈsten.ʃən/
intended to ​supportstudents' ​learning by making them ​try different or more ​difficult things in addition to ​theirbasicwork: The ​bookincludeslessonplans and extension activities. US (UK extramural) offered by a ​university to ​people who are not ​studying for a ​degree there : extension classes/​courses
(Definition of extension from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

"extension" in American English

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 us   /ɪkˈsten·ʃən/

extension noun (PHONE)

[C] (abbreviation ext.) any of two or more ​telephones in the same ​house that ​share the same ​number: We have an extension in ​ourbedroom. [C] (abbreviation ext.) An extension is also any of the ​telephonesconnected to a ​centralsystem, esp. in a ​business.

extension noun (ADDITION)

[C/U] an ​amount by which something is ​increased, or something ​added to something ​else: a ​contract extension I ​applied for an extension to my ​visa. [C] We’re ​building an extension on ​ourhouse to ​enlarge the ​kitchen.
(Definition of extension from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

"extension" in Business English

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uk   us   /ɪkˈstenʃən/
[C or U] an ​increase in the ​period of ​time during which something is ​effective: grant/offer/receive an extension When it ​failed to ​meet the ​deadline, the ​company was ​granted an extension. a three-month/two-year, etc. extensionextension to sth The ​company has ​negotiated an extension to the ​deadline for its £275 million cash-and-paper ​offer, originally expected tomorrow.
[C or U] the fact of giving or ​offering something to someone: This ​cheap, ​availablemoneyled to the extension of ​credit around the ​world.
[C] ( abbreviation ext., abbreviation xtn) COMMUNICATIONS one of the ​phones in a large ​building that have their own ​numbers and are ​connected to a switchboard (= a ​piece of ​equipment used to ​direct all ​phonecalls): Please give me a ​call back at extension 1247. Can you put me through to ​Jan Robert's extension, please?
[C or U] an ​increase in the ​size or ​range of something: Most ​banks are ​recognizing that ​customers view ​Internetbanking as an extension of existing ​services. We are ​committed to the extension of this ​taxcredit to ​cover all children born after April 2010. The ​engineers have begun ​working on an extension of the canal.
[C] IT the last ​part of the ​name of a ​computerfile, which comes after a dot (.), and ​shows what ​type of ​file it is: Be sure to ​leave the file extension unchanged.
[C] UK ( US addition) a new ​part that is ​added onto a ​building: The ​banksyndicate will ​finance a $460 million extension to the ​carfactory.
(Definition of extension from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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“extension” in American English

“extension” in Business English

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