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uk /ɪkˈsten.ʃən/ us /ɪkˈsten.ʃən/

extension noun (REACH)

B2 [ C or U ] the fact of reaching, stretching, or continuing; the act of adding to something in order to make it bigger or longer:

Martin Luther King, Jr, campaigned for the extension of civil rights to (= for them to include) black people.
The extension (= increasing) of police powers in the province has been heavily criticized.
His report contained serious criticisms of the finance director, and, by extension (= therefore), of the entire board of management.
The article is an extension of (= takes further) the ideas Professor Fox developed in an earlier book.
I've applied for an extension to my visa (= asked for it to last longer).
They are hoping to get an extension of their loan (= to be given a longer period of time in which to pay it back).

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extension noun (HAIR)

also hair extension [ C usually plural ] a long piece of hair that is added to a person's own hair in order to make the hair longer

extension noun (BUILDING)

[ C ] UK US addition a new part added to a house or other building:

We're building an extension to/on our house.

extensionadjective [ only before noun ]

uk /ɪkˈsten.ʃən/ us /ɪkˈsten.ʃən/

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us /ɪkˈsten·ʃən/

extension noun (PHONE)

[ C ] abbreviation ext. any of two or more telephones in the same house that share the same number:

We have an extension in our bedroom.

[ C ] abbreviation ext. An extension is also any of the telephones connected to a central system, esp. in a business.

extension noun (ADDITION)

[ C/U ] an amount by which something is increased, or something added to something else:

a contract extension
I applied for an extension to my visa.
[ C ] We’re building an extension on our house to enlarge the kitchen.

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uk /ɪkˈstenʃən/ us

[ C or U ] an increase in the period of time during which something is effective:

grant/offer/receive an extension When it failed to meet the deadline, the company was granted an extension.
a three-month/two-year, etc. extension
extension to sth The company has negotiated an extension to the deadline for its £275 million cash-and-paper offer, originally expected tomorrow.

[ C or U ] the fact of giving or offering something to someone:

This cheap, available money led to the extension of credit around the world.

[ C ] abbreviation ext., abbreviation xtn COMMUNICATIONS one of the phones in a large building that have their own numbers and are connected to a switchboard (= a piece of equipment used to direct all phone calls):

Please give me a call back at extension 1247.
Can you put me through to Jan Robert's extension, please?

[ C or U ] an increase in the size or range of something:

Most banks are recognizing that customers view Internet banking as an extension of existing services.
We are committed to the extension of this tax credit to cover all children born after April 2010.
The engineers have begun working on an extension of the canal.

[ C ] IT the last part of the name of a computer file, which comes after a dot (.), and shows what type of file it is:

Be sure to leave the file extension unchanged.

[ C ] UK US addition a new part that is added onto a building:

The bank syndicate will finance a $460 million extension to the car factory.

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