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uk /feɪs/ us /feɪs/

face noun (HEAD)

A1 [ C ] the front of the head, where the eyes, nose, and mouth are:

She has a long, thin face.
She had a puzzled expression on her face.

A1 [ C ] an expression on someone's face:

I was greeted by smiling faces.
I could see from his face he was unhappy.
make a face

B1 UK also pull a face to make a strange expression with your face, for example to show that you do not like someone or something:

I was making silly faces to get the baby to laugh.
"This tastes horrible," said Tom, pulling a face at his glass.

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face noun (FRONT)

[ C ] the front or surface of an object:

the north face of a mountain
the west face of the building

[ C ] the front of a clock or watch that has the numbers or marks that show what time it is:

a watch face with Roman numerals

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uk /feɪs/ us /feɪs/

face verb (DEAL WITH)

B2 [ T ] If you face a problem, or a problem faces you, you have to deal with it:

This is one of the many problems faced by working mothers.
Passengers could face long delays.
You're faced with a very difficult choice there.

B2 [ T ] to accept that something unpleasant is true and start to deal with the situation:

I think Phil has to face the fact that she no longer loves him.
We have to face facts here - we simply don't have enough money.
He's dying but he refuses to face the truth.
can't face sth/doing sth

B2 to not want to do or deal with something unpleasant:

I can't face walking up all those steps again.
I know I've got to tell her but I can't face it.

C2 [ T ] to deal with someone when the situation between you is difficult:

She half hoped he would not find her, though she knew she would have to face him sooner or later.

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face verb (TURN TOWARDS)

B1 [ I usually + adv/prep, T ] to turn or be turned towards something physically; to be opposite something:

The balcony faced towards the sea.
Our apartment faces south.
Their houses face each other across the street.

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face verb (BUILDING)

[ T ] If you face a building, you put an extra layer in front of what is already there:

The house was built of wood but faced in/with brick.

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facenoun [ C ]

us /feɪs/

face noun [ C ] (HEAD)

the front of the head including the eyes, nose, and mouth:

Cal hid his face in his hands.

face noun [ C ] (FRONT)

the front or surface of an object:

We climbed the north face of Mount Washington.

The face of a clock or a watch is the surface that has the numbers or marks on it that show what time it is.


us /feɪs/

face verb (DEAL WITH)

[ T ] to deal with a difficult situation:

They are faced with major financial problems.
I can’t face climbing those stairs again.

face verb (BE POSITIONED)

[ I/T ] to have the front of something positioned toward, or to turn toward something or someone:

[ T ] Please face the front of the room.

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