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facilitateverb [ T ]

uk /fəˈsɪl.ɪ.teɪt/ us /fəˈsɪl.ə.teɪt/ formal

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facilitateverb [ T ]

us /fəˈsɪl·əˌteɪt/

to make something possible or easier:

To facilitate learning, each class is no larger than 30 students.
noun [ U ] /fəˌsɪl·əˈteɪ·ʃən/

Somerville was charged with conspiracy and criminal facilitation.

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facilitateverb [ T ]

uk /fəˈsɪlɪteɪt/ us

to help people deal with a process or reach an agreement or solution without getting directly involved in the process, discussion, etc. yourself:

An expert negotiator was brought in to facilitate the discussion.

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Regionalism refers to the reaction by governments to liberalise or facilitate trade on a regional basis, sometimes through free trade areas or customs unions.
We must ensure that we support the framework conditions that will facilitate an agreement between the leaders of the two sides.
The task is to facilitate medium-term financial planning and not cling to the principle of annuality, which would make longer-term development cooperation impossible.
Tremendous effort has been made to facilitate a first reading conclusion of this dossier before the end of the legislative period.
Moreover, the summit's executive secretariat set up a civil society bureau organising 23 families in order to facilitate the participation of various civil society constituencies.
If we want to do something about fraud in the area of direct taxation, we must facilitate cooperation between fiscal authorities.
I would also like to mention the need to facilitate access to global communications in order to make social benefits possible.
We are encouraging each association agreement signatory to agree on free trade arrangements with the others so as to facilitate economic cooperation and inward investment.
We cannot continue with sectoral regulation of services, something which has so far proved to hinder, rather than facilitate, the creation of an internal market.
We need tax incentives to facilitate the sale and use of less-polluting vehicles that are easy to use, improve traffic and are more integrated into our cities.