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uk /ˈfæm.əl.i/ us /ˈfæm.əl.i/

family noun (SOCIAL GROUP)

A1 [ C or U + sing/pl verb ] a group of people who are related to each other, such as a mother, a father, and their children:

A new family has/have moved in next door.
I come from a large family - I have three brothers and two sisters.
He doesn't have any family.
He's American but his family (= relatives in the past) come/comes from Ireland.
This movie is good family entertainment (= something that can be enjoyed by parents and children together).
How do you like family life (= being married, having children, etc.)?

B1 [ C usually singular, U + sing/pl verb ] the children of a family:

Women shouldn't have to choose between career and family (= having children).
Paul and Ana are hoping to start a family (= have children) soon.
My dad died when we were small so my mum raised the family on her own.

[ C, + sing/pl verb ] a pair of adult animals and their babies:

We've got a family of squirrels living in our garden.

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us /ˈfæm·ə·li, ˈfæm·li/


[ C/U ] a social group of parents, children, and sometimes grandparents, uncles, aunts, and others who are related:

[ C ] Her family moved here when she was eleven.
[ U ] Many people cope with the demands of both career and family.
[ C ] She wants to get married and have a family (= have children).

family noun (BIOLOGICAL TYPE)

biology [ C ] a large group of related types of animals or plants:

The lion is a member of the cat family.

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With one item there would have been considerable difficulty in tracing the artist's family; only tracing agents and collecting societies would have benefited.
However, it is a form of work with a flexible timetable, which is of great assistance in reconciling family life with professional life.
The creation of a regulatory fund for pigmeat production, as amended, does not place the free market in the balance but will protect small family holdings.
I am delighted, moreover, that improvements in childcare facilities are planned in order to better support the reconciliation of professional and family life.
Five years ago, we unanimously adopted an excellent report on this subject, one of our demands being a framework statute for spouses that help out in the family business.
The family should be seen today, ultimately, as a community based on affection rather than the civil effect of a contract blessed by religion.
Recognising the right to family life is one of the basic conditions for the integration of refugees and migrants in the social life of the country in which they reside.
We cannot endorse this directive as matters stand, because it would lead to a dramatic increase in family reunification, which is one of the main grounds for reunification.
I would like us today to send a message to the people who live amongst us that they can do so with their right to live as a family recognised.
There are many reasons why they have doubts, including fears linked to globalisation, rising prices and changes in traditional family and social values.