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uk /fɑːr/ us /fɑːr/ farther, farthest or further, furthest

far adverb (DISTANCE)

A2 at, to, or from a great distance in space or time:

How far is it from Australia to New Zealand?
Is the station far away?
She doesn't live far from here.
He felt lonely and far from home.
One day, perhaps far in/into the future, you'll regret what you've done.
as/so far as I know

B2 used to say what you think is true, although you do not know all the facts:

He isn't coming today, as far as I know.
as/so far as I'm concerned

B2 used to say what your personal opinion is about something:

She can come whenever she likes, as far as I'm concerned.
as/so far as I can tell

used to say what you have noticed or understood:

There's been no change, as far as I can tell.
far be it from/for me to

I certainly would not:

Far be it from me to tell you how to run your life.
far from sth

C1 certainly not something:

The situation is far from clear.
far from being/doing sth

C2 used to describe something that is almost the opposite of something else:

She insisted that, far from being easy, it would be a difficult period for all concerned.
far from it

C1 certainly not:

He's not handsome - far from it.
from far and wide

from a large number of places:

People came from far and wide to see the house.
go so far as to do sth

C2 to be willing to do something that is extreme:

It's good, but I wouldn't go so far as to say that it's great.
so far

B1 until now:

So far we've made £32,000.
so far so good

C2 used to say that an activity has gone well until now:

I've found a tin of beans. So far so good, but where is the tin opener?

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far adverb (AMOUNT)

B2 very much:

This car is far better than our old one.
It cost far more (money) than I could afford.
He loses his temper far too often.
I'd far rather/sooner go to the theatre than watch a DVD.
by far

B2 by a great amount:

They are by far the best students in the class.

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uk /fɑːr/ us /fɑːr/

B2 used to refer to something that is not near, or the part of something that is most distant from the centre or from you:

The station isn't far - we could easily walk there.
[ before noun ] The children ran to the far side/corner of the room.
far left/right

C2 used to refer to political groups whose opinions are very extreme:

supporters of the far left

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us /fɑr/

far adverb (DISTANCE)

comparative farther /ˈfɑr·ðər/ further /ˈfɜr·ðər/ , superlative farthest /ˈfɑr·ðəst/ furthest /ˈfɜr·ðəst/ at, to, or from a great distance in space or time:

One day, perhaps far in the future, you’ll regret what you’ve done.
How far is it from Los Angeles to San Francisco?
She doesn’t live far from here.

far adverb (AMOUNT)

[ not gradable ] much:

Her new school is far better than the old one.


us /fɑr/ comparative farther /ˈfɑr·ðər/ further /ˈfɜr·ðər/ , superlative farthest /ˈfɑr·ðəst/ furthest /ˈfɜr·ðəst/

far adjective (DISTANCE)

distant, or most distant from the center or from you:

the far side of the park
Even the closest stores are pretty far.
far left also far right

The far left is the political position that is most liberal, and the far right is the political position that is most conservative.

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"the FAR" in Business English

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the FARnoun

uk us

GOVERNMENT, FINANCE abbreviation for the Federal Acquisition Regulation: the rules that the US government must follow when it buys goods and services

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