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uk /fɪəs/ us /fɪrs/

B2 physically violent and frightening:

a fierce attack/battle
Two men were shot during fierce fighting last weekend.

B2 strong and powerful:

Fierce winds prevented the race from taking place.
Firefighters had to retreat from the fierce heat.

US informal difficult:

The chemistry exam was fierce!

informal approving looking confident and acting in a way that shows that you feel good about yourself and your appearance:

The girl group look fierce around a swimming pool in the video for their new single.

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noun [ U ] uk /ˈfɪəs.nəs/ us /ˈfɪrs.nəs/

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us /fɪərs/

violent and forceful:

The city had been under fierce attack.

Fierce can also mean severe or extremely strong:

She’s a fierce critic of US policies.
He was a fierce competitor.

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The subject of ownership unbundling has been cause for a great deal of debate between us, which at times has been quite fierce.
We all know that backstage there is a fierce argument going on about these power relationships, but this could be an open debate.
The attacks are fierce.
There has been fierce criticism not only in the left-wing media, but also, to a great extent, in the conservative media.
In the face of increasingly fierce global competition it is also vital to formulate a strategy that enables employers and workers to adapt to the changes taking place.
The competition in that sector is fierce.
No, the world has become one of competition, of a struggle - a peaceful one, certainly, but a fierce one - to impose one's model on the others.
The fierce lobbying by some governments and captains of industry against the energy and climate package has sent out the wrong signal.
This, for me, is the most difficult aspect, because it will entail a radical change of mindset and behaviour in an era of fierce competitiveness and thirst for profit.
As soon as we get back to reality, however, we feel fierce anger, because what then lies ahead of us is an endless struggle.