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"fix" in British English

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uk   us   /fɪks/

fix verb (REPAIR)

B1 [T] to ​repair something: They couldn't fix my ​oldcomputer, so I ​bought a new one.
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fix verb (ARRANGE)

B2 [I or T] mainly UK to ​arrange or ​agree a ​time, ​place, ​price, etc.: Shall we fix a ​time for ​our next ​meeting? I ​understand the ​rent is fixed at £750 a ​month.
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fix verb (FASTEN)

B2 [T + adv/prep] to ​fasten something in ​position so that it cannot ​move: We fixed the ​bookcase to the ​wall.
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fix verb (SIGHT)

C2 [T] to ​keep something or someone in ​sight: His ​eyes were fixed on the ​distantyacht. She fixed the ​child with a ​stare of such ​disapproval he did not ​daremove.

fix verb (KEEP)

[T usually + adv/prep] to ​continue to ​think about or ​remember something: It is ​somehow fixed in my mind that my ​fate and that woman's are ​intertwined. She was so ​frightened that she could not fix her ​thoughts on anything.

fix verb (CHEAT)

[T often passive] to do something ​dishonest to make ​certain that a ​competition, ​race, or ​election is ​won by a ​particularperson: Several ​jockeys were ​arrested on ​suspicion of fixing the ​race. It ​sounds like the ​election was fixed.


B1 [T] to make ​yourhair, ​make-up, ​clothes, etc. ​looktidy: Give me a ​couple of ​minutes while I fix my ​hair.

fix verb (PREPARE FOOD)

B2 [T] mainly US informal to ​cook or ​preparefood or ​drink: Whose ​turn is it to fix ​dinner? [+ two objects] Can I fix you a ​drink?/Can I fix a ​drink for you?

fix verb (PUNISH)

[T] UK slang to ​punishespecially someone who has been ​unfair: I'm ​gonna fix her if she doesn't ​stoptellinglies about me!


[T] specialized art to ​treat something, ​especiallyphotographicmaterial, with ​chemicals to ​preventitscoloursbecomingpale


[T] US informal to ​remove the reproductiveorgans of an ​animal so that it is ​unable to ​produceyounganimals

fix verb (DRUG)

[I] slang to inject (= put into the ​body through a ​needle) an ​illegaldrug: We ​sawkids as ​young as twelve fixing in ​doorways.
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uk   us   /fɪks/

fix noun (CHEAT)

[C usually singular] a ​situation in which someone does something ​dishonest to make ​certain that a ​competition, ​race, or ​election is ​won by a ​particularperson: The ​result was a fix!


[C usually singular] informal an ​awkward or ​difficultsituation: I'm in a ​bit of a fix with the ​arrangements.

fix noun (DRUG)

[C] slang an ​amount of an ​illegaldrug, or of another ​substance that has an ​effect on someone: He was ​shakingbadly and ​needed a fix.humorous Ginny ​needs her ​daily fix of ​chocolate.

fix noun (POSITION)

[C] (the ​calculation of) the ​position of a ​vehicle, usually in ​relation to the ​earth: Do we still have a fix on that ​jet?
(Definition of fix from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

"fix" in American English

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fixverb [T]

 us   /fɪks/

fix verb [T] (REPAIR)

to ​repair or ​adjust something: I’ll fix that ​brokenchair today.

fix verb [T] (ARRANGE)

to ​arrange or put in ​place: I need to fix my ​hair. To fix something such as a ​race or ​game or an ​election is to ​illegallyarrange who will ​win.

fix verb [T] (CHOOSE)

to ​choose a ​time or ​place to do something: Let’s fix a ​date for ​our next ​meeting.

fix verb [T] (ATTACH)

to ​attach in ​order to ​keep in one ​place: Fix the ​shelf to the ​wall with ​screws. I ​tried to fix the ​directions in my ​mind.

fix verb [T] (PUNISH)

to ​hurt or ​punish someone: I’ll fix you if you come around here taking ​vegetables from my ​garden again!

fix verb [T] (PREPARE FOOD)

to ​cook or ​preparefood or ​drink: Will you fix ​dinner?


to ​remove an ​organ an ​animalneeds to ​reproduce: We had ​ourcat fixed.


 us   /fɪks/

fix noun (BAD SITUATION)

[C usually sing] a ​situation causing ​trouble or ​problems: He’s in a fix and ​needsourhelp.

fix noun (AMOUNT)

[C] slang an ​amount of a something that someone ​needs: The ​websitesupplies me my ​daily fix of ​rock and ​rollfacts.
(Definition of fix from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

"fix" in Business English

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fixverb [T]

uk   us   /fɪks/
to ​repair something or solve a problem: They have fixed the ​bugs in the ​software. A ​restaurant would have 48 ​hours to fix the problem or the ​place could be ​shut down.
mainly UK (also fix up) MEETINGS to ​arrange a ​time and ​place for an ​event such as a ​meeting: You should fix an ​appointment with your ​bankmanager. I fixed up a ​meeting with this very powerful ​person at the BBC.fix a day/time/place (for sth) The ​court will fix another day for the ​hearing.
to ​agree on a ​price, ​level, etc. for something and ​keep it at that ​price or ​level: Customers can fix the ​amount they ​pay each month.fix sth at sth They fixed the ​rate of ​tax at 30%.
ECONOMICS to ​agree with other ​companies that you will all ​charge the same ​price for your ​products and not ​compete with each other: Steelmakers deny they fix ​prices.

fixnoun [C]

uk   us   /fɪks/
a way of solving a problem, especially an ​easy or quick one: long-term/short-term fix We ​findshort-term fixes, not ​long-termsolutions.a fix for sth More and more ​people were using ​loans as a fix for their ​financial problems. There is no quick fix and it will take many months to re-establish ​profitablesalesgrowth.
IT a ​smallcomputerprogram that can ​repair a problem with ​software: a fix for sth The ​softwaredeveloper says it has ​developed a fix for the problem.
a ​situation that has been dishonestly ​arranged by someone in ​order to get an ​advantage for themselves: When we ​won the ​contract, some ​peoplethought it was a fix.
ECONOMICS a ​price, for ​example, on ​gold or silver, that is set according to ​supply and ​demand: The London morning ​gold fix was $1,154.00 ​versus the previous afternoon fix of $1,139.50.
get a fix on sth to understand what a ​situation is like: Market ​research helps to get a fix on what ​customers want.
(Definition of fix from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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“fix” in Business English

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