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uk /fleɪm/ us /fleɪm/

flame noun (FIRE)

B2 [ C or U ] a stream of hot, burning gas from something on fire:

The flames grew larger as the fire spread.
The car flipped over and burst into flames (= started burning immediately).
When the fire engine arrived the house was already in flames (= burning).

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uk /fleɪm/ us /fleɪm/

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"flame" in American English

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flamenoun [ C/U ]

us /fleɪm/

flame noun [ C/U ] (LIGHT)

the hot light of a fire:

[ U ] The logs in the fireplace burst into flame.
The house was in flames (= burning).


us /fleɪm/

flame verb (BURN)

[ I ] to burn brightly or more brightly:

The fire suddenly flamed (up).

flame verb (SHOW ANGER)

[ I/T ] to show anger by turning red:

[ I ] His face flamed and he started stammering.

[ I/T ] If you flame someone you disagree with, you send insulting electronic messages about that person over the Internet:

[ T ] He was flamed by several other people in the chat room.

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"flame" in Business English

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flamenoun [ C ]


an angry or offensive message that is sent by email or left on a message board, etc.

flameverb [ I or T ]


to send an angry or offensive message to someone using email, or by leaving it on a message board, etc.:

When participating in these forums, you should never flame other participants.

(Definition of “flame” from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)