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uk /flæʃ/ us /flæʃ/

flash verb (SHINE SUDDENLY)

B2 [ I or T ] to shine brightly and suddenly, or to make something shine in this way:

Stop flashing that light in my eyes!
The lightning flashed and distant thunder rolled.
You'd better slow down, that car was flashing its lights at you.

[ I ] literary If someone's eyes flash, they look bright because of the anger or excitement the person is feeling.

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flash verb (SHOW QUICKLY)

C2 [ T ] to show something for a short time:

He flashed a smile and offered to buy me a drink.

[ I or T ] informal If a man flashes, he shows his sexual organs in public:

He came out of the bushes and flashed me.

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uk /flæʃ/ us /flæʃ/

flash noun (MILITARY SIGN)

[ C ] UK a small object or piece of material worn on a military uniform as a sign of rank, or (on clothing) a strip or mark of colour different from the main colour


uk /flæʃ/ us /flæʃ/ UK

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us /flæʃ/

flash verb (SHINE)

[ I/T ] to shine suddenly and usually brightly, but only for a short time:

[ T ] Stop flashing that light in my eyes.

flash verb (HAPPEN QUICKLY)

[ I always + adv/prep ] to move or happen quickly:

A fire engine flashed by.

flash verb (SHOW)

[ I/T ] to show something quickly or for a short time:

[ T ] The officer flashed her badge.
[ I ] A smile flashed across her face.

flashnoun [ C ]

us /flæʃ/

flash noun [ C ] (SHINE)

a sudden bright light that quickly disappears:

A flash of lightning lit the sky.

flash noun [ C ] (PHOTOGRAPHY)

a device used to produce a bright light for a brief time when taking a photograph

flash noun [ C ] (QUICK APPEARANCE)

a quick movement or short appearance of something:

an occasional flash of wit

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flashnoun [ C ]

uk /flæʃ/ us

MARKETING a strip or mark of colour that is different from the main colour on a book, advertisement, etc.:

Each book had a flash on the cover indicating that it was part of the series.

Flashnoun [ U ]

uk us trademark

INTERNET, IT a brand name for a computer program that is used to create moving images for websites and advertisements on the internet

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