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UK US flavor uk /ˈfleɪ.vər/ us /ˈfleɪ.vɚ/

B1 [ C or U ] how food or drink tastes, or a particular taste itself:

Add a little salt to bring out the flavour of the herbs.
My fish was delicious but Charles' beef had almost no flavour (= did not taste of anything).
This wine has a light, fruity flavour (= the taste of fruit).
We sell 32 different flavours (= particular types of taste) of ice cream.

C2 [ S ] a particular quality or character:

The resort has a nautical flavour.

[ S ] an idea or quick experience of something:

To give you a flavour of what the book is like Jilly is going to read out a brief extract.

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flavourverb [ T often passive ]

UK US flavor uk /ˈfleɪ.vər/ us /ˈfleɪ.vɚ/

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