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"flexible" in British English

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uk /ˈflek.sə.bəl/ us /ˈflek.sə.bəl/

flexible adjective (ABLE TO CHANGE)

B2 able to change or be changed easily according to the situation:

My schedule is flexible - I could arrange to meet with you any day next week.

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noun [ U ] uk /ˌflek.səˈbɪl.ə.ti/ us /ˌflek.səˈbɪl.ə.t̬i/



The advantage of this system is its flexibility.
You can improve your flexibility by exercising.
adverb uk /ˈflek.sə.bli/ us /ˈflek.sə.bli/

Today's schedule of events is organized flexibly so that people can decide for themselves what they want to do.

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"flexible" in American English

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us /ˈflek·sə·bəl/

flexible adjective (CHANGEABLE)

able to change or be changed easily according to the situation:

I’m fortunate because my job has flexible hours, and I can come and go pretty much as I want.

flexible adjective (ABLE TO BEND)

able to bend or be bent easily without breaking:

The wire has to be flexible enough to go around corners of the room.

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"flexible" in Business English

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uk /ˈfleksɪbl/ us

a flexible person or company can work in different ways, at different times, or in different places when it is necessary:

How can we encourage employees to be more flexible?
be flexible about sth Companies can now be more flexible about where they site their operations.
a flexible approach/attitude

something that is flexible can change or be changed according to the situation:

The pay and benefits are good, and the hours are flexible.
a flexible mortgage/loan With a flexible mortgage you can pay more or less than your agreed monthly payment.
flexible work/jobs
a flexible pension
noun [ U ] /ˌfleksɪˈbɪlɪti/ /-ətIi/

The job requires flexibility, but is very rewarding.

(Definition of “flexible” from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)