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"footing" in British English

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footingnoun [ S ]

uk /ˈfʊt.ɪŋ/ us /ˈfʊt̬.ɪŋ/

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"footing" in American English

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footingnoun [ U ]

us /ˈfʊt̬·ɪŋ/

footing noun [ U ] (FEET)

a firm position of the feet:

He lost his footing and tumbled into the water.

footing noun [ U ] (CONDITION)

a position or condition on which something exists:

Both sides need to begin negotiations on equal footing.

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"footing" in Business English

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uk /ˈfʊtɪŋ/ us

[ S or U ] the way in which a business operates, and the set of conditions that influences it:

on a firm/solid/sound footing Officials said they were moving quickly to correct any deficiencies and get the fund back on solid financial footing.
on a commercial/legal/competitive footing Virtually all key state-owned enterprises have been placed on a commercial footing.
on an equal footing/on the same footing

having the same position or status as another person, company, etc.:

on an equal footing with sb/sth Women should be able to compete in the job market on an equal footing with men.
on the same footing as sb/sth The increased use of restricted stock puts management on the same footing as shareholders.

[ C, usually singular ] a first position that a company achieves in a particular market, industry, etc., that they hope to improve in the future:

gain/get/find a footing (in sth) The company has struggled to find a footing in an industry suffering from overcapacity.
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