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uk /ˈfɔː.mjə.lə/ us /ˈfɔːr.mjə.lə/ plural formulas or formulae

formula noun (METHOD/RULE)

C1 [ C ] a standard or accepted way of doing or making something :

We have changed the formula of the washing powder.
There's no magic formula for success.

[ C ] a mathematical rule expressed in a set of numbers and letters:

He developed a formula for calculating the area of a triangle.

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formula noun (MILK FOR BABIES)

UK also babymilk , infant formula, US also babyformula [ U ] a type of milk that can be given to babies instead of milk from their mother

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formulanoun [ C/U ]

us /ˈfɔr·mjə·lə/

the exact chemical parts that a mixture consists of:

[ C ] The company announced that it was changing its soft-drink formula to make it sweeter.

Formula is a liquid food mixture that is fed to babies instead of mother’s milk.

A formula is also any plan or method for doing something well:

[ C usually sing ] The formula for success in business, he said, is a willingness to take risks.

mathematics A formula is an equation (= set of numbers and letters representing two equal amounts) that shows how one amount depends on one or more other amounts.

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formulanoun [ C ]

uk /ˈfɔːmjələ/ us plural formulas, formulae

a standard or accepted way of doing something:

a formula for sth/for doing sth Tandy had a simple formula for locating his stores: Put them where the customers are.
funding/pricing formula The unions fought off another attempt to scrap the current pension formula.
The combination of convenience stores and online shops has proven to be a winning formula for the company.
I'm afraid there is no magic formula.

PRODUCTION a list of the substances used to make something:

The formula consists largely of sugar.

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