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funnoun [ U ]

uk /fʌn/ us /fʌn/

fun noun [ U ] (PLEASURE)

A1 pleasure, enjoyment, or entertainment:

Have fun (= enjoy yourself)!
Having fun (= are you enjoying yourself)?
I really enjoyed your party - it was such good fun.
She's great fun to be with.
Mark was ill for most of the holiday so that took all the fun out of it.
It's no fun/not much fun (= not enjoyable) having to work on Saturdays.
a fun-loving girl
"We're going on a picnic this weekend." "What fun (= how enjoyable)!"
The relationship was never going to work, but it was fun while it lasted.
for fun also for the fun of it

B1 for pleasure:

I ran but just for fun.
make fun of sb/sth

B2 to make a joke about someone or something in a way that is not kind:

The other children were always making fun of him because he was fat and wore glasses.

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fun noun [ U ] (GAME/JOKE)

behaviour or activities that are not serious; games or jokes:

The children are always full of fun.
UK I didn't mean to upset her - it was just a bit of fun.
I didn't mean what I said, it was only in fun (= a joke).

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funadjective [ before noun ]

uk /fʌn/ us /fʌn/

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funnoun [ U ]

us /fʌn/

pleasure, enjoyment, amusement, or someone or something that causes this:

Everybody had a lot of fun at the party.
It’s no fun having to work on Saturdays.
He studies French just for fun/for the fun of it.
I only said it in fun (= as a joke).


funadjective [ not gradable ]

us /fʌn/ infml


Going camping would be a really fun thing to do.
Cindy is a fun person (= enjoyable to be with).

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