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give (sth) up

phrasal verb with give uk /ɡɪv/ us /ɡɪv/ verb gave, given

B1 If you give up a habit, such as smoking, or something such as alcohol, you stop doing it or using it:

[ + -ing verb ] I gave up smoking two years ago.
Don't offer him a cigarette, he's trying to give it up.

More examples

  • Chewing gum can help people who are giving up smoking.
  • She's agreed to give up chocolate for Lent.
  • He gave up drinking on the advice of his doctor.
  • Even though she's given up meat she still eats fish.
  • I've promised her a holiday if she gives up smoking by next year.

give sth up

phrasal verb with give uk /ɡɪv/ us /ɡɪv/ verb gave, given

B1 to stop doing a regular activity or job:

[ + -ing verb ] He's given up driving since his illness.
We're going to give up our sports club membership after this year.
give it up for sb

used to ask people to clap their hands to show their enjoyment or approval of a performance:

Ladies and gentlemen, will you give it up for Danny Jones.

More examples

  • He's going to give up rugby at the end of the season.
  • She gave up skiing after her fall last winter.
  • He's giving up the captaincy at the end of the season.
  • He gave up his job in the city to become a plumber.
  • They both gave up their jobs to go travelling.

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