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uk /ɡleɪz/ us /ɡleɪz/

glaze verb (SHINY)

[ T ] to make a surface shiny by putting a liquid substance onto it and leaving it or heating it until it dries:

Glaze the pastry with beaten egg.
The pot had been badly glazed.

glaze verb (GLASS)

[ T ] to put a piece of glass into a window or the windows of a building:

The house is nearly finished but it hasn't been glazed yet.
adjective uk /ɡleɪzd/ us /ɡleɪzd/

All the rooms have glazed doors.
a glazed expression/look

glazenoun [ C ]

uk /ɡleɪz/ us /ɡleɪz/

a substance used to glaze something:

a cake with a dark chocolate glaze
pottery with a fine, translucent glaze

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"glaze" in American English

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glazenoun [ C ]

us /ɡleɪz/

a shiny surface given to an object or a food, esp. by covering it with a liquid that shines when it dries:

The pottery was famous for the rich glaze of its vases and jugs.

glazeverb [ I/T ]

us /ɡleɪz/

to cover an object, as a food, with a liquid that shines when it dries:

[ T ] The cake was glazed with raspberry syrup.

When someone’s eyes glaze over, they become fixed and shiny, as if the person is not seeing anything:

[ I ] By the fourth act of the opera, his eyes had glazed over (= he became bored).

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