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"gold" in British English

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uk /ɡəʊld/ us /ɡoʊld/

gold noun (METAL)

A2 [ U ] symbol Au a chemical element that is a valuable, shiny, yellow metal used to make coins and jewellery:

a gold watch/necklace

More examples

  • She wears a gold cross round her neck.
  • She was absolutely dripping with gold.
  • Mr Graham was amazed to find 46 ancient gold coins inside the pot.
  • It's not solid gold - it's just gilt.
  • The bank holds large reserves of gold.


[ U ] something that is very special or valuable:

The new show is pure comedy gold.
Neither film seemed like box-office gold before it opened.


uk /ɡəʊld/ us /ɡoʊld/

A2 made of gold, or the colour of gold:

a gold dome
gold paint

More examples

  • She always does her presents up beautifully in gold and silver paper.
  • She was wearing a gold Lurex top with a pink mini skirt.
  • There are a couple of fish with blue markings, and a few more with gold stripes down the side.
  • The ship's name was picked out in bright gold letters along her stern.
  • In the afternoon the sun bathes the city in shades of pink and gold.


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"gold" in American English

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goldnoun [ U ]

us /ɡoʊld/

gold noun [ U ] (METAL)

a soft, yellow metal that is highly valued and used esp. in jewelry and as a form of wealth:

The price of gold reached a new high Thursday.
adjective [ not gradable ] us /ɡoʊld/

She wears lots of gold jewelry.

goldadjective, noun [ C/U ]

us /ɡoʊld/

gold adjective, noun [ C/U ] (COLOR)

(of) a bright yellow color:

a gold dress
[ U ] His uniform was scarlet and gold.

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"gold" in Business English

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goldnoun [ U ]


a valuable metal that is traded, bought and sold, and is used by some governments as a currency:

During difficult economic times, gold is considered to be a very safe investment.
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