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uk /ɡreɪs/ us /ɡreɪs/

grace noun (APPROVAL)

[ U ] formal approval or kindness, especially (in the Christian religion) that is freely given by God to all humans:

Betty believed that it was through divine grace that her husband had recovered from his illness.
by the grace of God formal

through the kindness or help of God:

By the grace of God, the pilot managed to land the damaged plane safely.

graceverb [ T ]

uk /ɡreɪs/ us /ɡreɪs/

C2 to be in a place, on a thing etc. and make it look more attractive:

Her face has graced the covers of magazines across the world.
grace sb with your presence

to honour people by taking part in something:

We are delighted that the mayor will be gracing us with his presence at our annual dinner.
humorous So you've finally decided to grace us with your presence, have you? (= You are late.)


uk /ɡreɪs/ us /ɡreɪs/

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gracenoun [ U ]

us /ɡreɪs/

grace noun [ U ] (BEAUTY)

simple beauty of movement or form:

The skaters moved over the ice with effortless grace.

grace noun [ U ] (PLEASANTNESS)

the charming quality of being polite and pleasant, or a willingness to be fair and to forgive:

She always handles her clients with tact and grace.

grace noun [ U ] (RELIGION)

a prayer of thanks to God that is said before and sometimes after a meal:

Before we eat, I want to ask Cory to say grace.

Grace is also approval or protection given by God:

By the grace of God, I hope to live for many years.

grace noun [ U ] (TIME)

an added period of time allowed before something must be done or paid:

The landlord gave us a week’s grace to pay the rent.
adjective us /ˈɡreɪs·fəl/

adjective us /ˈɡreɪs·fəl/

I want to make a graceful exit when it’s time to leave.
adverb us /ˈɡreɪs·fə·li/

He gracefully skis down the slopes.
adverb us /ˈɡreɪs·fə·li/

A lot of people grow old gracefully.

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gracenoun [ U ]

uk /ɡreɪs/ us

extra time after the normal date that a payment should be made, work should be finished, etc. during which there is no punishment for being late:

give sb a month's/a week's/two weeks', etc. grace The bank gives customers a week's grace before charging a late fee.
China will give foreign companies up to a two-year grace period before taxing their capital goods imports.
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