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"green" in British English

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uk /ɡriːn/ us /ɡriːn/

green adjective (COLOUR)

A1 of a colour between blue and yellow; of the colour of grass:

More examples

  • The male mallard has a green head and reddish-brown chest.
  • He's got pink walls and a green carpet, which to my mind looks all wrong.
  • I think I'll take your advice and get the green dress.
  • I put my new green shirt in a hot wash and the colour ran.
  • I wore that skirt with the green spots.

green adjective (POLITICAL)

B2 relating to the protection of the environment:

the Green Party
go green

to do more to protect nature and the environment:

The Chancellor proposed a crackdown on car and plane emissions, and the introduction of tax incentives to go green.

More examples

  • There is a growing current of support for green issues among voters.
  • Some parents were critical of attempts to indoctrinate children in green ideology.
  • The government's new-found enthusiasm for green issues has been welcomed by environmentalists.
  • It's not very green, throwing away so much rubbish.
  • I'm going to try to be a bit greener and recycle more.
noun [ U ] uk /ˈɡriːn.nəs/ us /ˈɡriːn.nəs/

the quality of being green:

What first struck her when she arrived in England was the greenness of the landscape.


uk /ɡriːn/ us /ɡriːn/

green noun (COLOUR)

A2 [ C or U ] the colour of grass; a colour between blue and yellow:

light/pale green
dark/bottle green

More examples

  • I like rich jewel colours, such as purple, blue, and green.
  • He's colour-blind and can't distinguish between red and green easily.
  • The spelling mistakes in the text had been highlighted in green.
  • You look nice in green.
  • If you put together yellow and blue paint you get green.

green noun (GRASS)

[ C ] an area planted with grass, especially for use by the public:

Children were playing on the village green.

[ C ] mainly UK used as a part of a name:

Sheep's Green

More examples

  • The police used dogs to clear the campers off the village green.
  • They're holding the village fête on the green.
  • The pub is opposite a charming village green.
  • The green used to be used as a pitch for the local cricket team.
  • The signs asked visitors to keep off the green.

Greennoun [ C ]

uk /ɡriːn/ us /ɡriːn/

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"green" in American English

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greenadjective, noun [ C/U ]

us /ɡrin/

green adjective, noun [ C/U ] (COLOR)

(of) the color that is a mixture of blue and yellow; the color of grass:

a green dress
[ C ] I don’t like that green.

greenadjective [ -er/-est only ]

us /ɡrin/

green adjective [ -er/-est only ] (OF PLANTS)

of or relating to grass, trees, and other plants:

I’d like a green salad (= made with leafy vegetables).

green adjective [ -er/-est only ] (POLITICAL)

relating to the protection of the environment:

green politics

green adjective [ -er/-est only ] (NOT READY)

not experienced or trained:

I was pretty green when I joined this company.

greennoun [ C ]

us /ɡrin/ regional US

green noun [ C ] (PLANTS)

an area planted with grass, esp. for use by the public:

The fair will be held on the green behind the library.

A green is also an area of smooth grass surrounding a hole on a golf course.

(Definition of “green” from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

"green" in Business English

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relating to or believing in the protection of the natural environment:

green issues/politics/solutions Small companies need green solutions to be more affordable.
Their recycling policies are very green.
a green campaigner/activist
Companies are becoming greener in response to customer expectations.
go green

to start doing things in a way that protects the natural environment:

There are many benefits for developers and builders who decide to go green.
My supermarket went green last year and has stopped supplying free plastic bags.

(Definition of “green” from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

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