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uk /ɡrəʊθ/ us /ɡroʊθ/

B2 [ U ] The growth of a person, animal, or plant is its process of increasing in size:

A balanced diet is essential for healthy growth.
Plant growth is most noticeable in spring and early summer.

B2 [ U ] an increase in the size or the importance of something:

The government is trying to limit population growth.
The rapid growth of opposition to the plan has surprised the mayor.
Electronic publishing is a growth area (= an area of activity that is increasing in size and developing quickly).

[ C ] a lump (= a solid mass) growing on the outside or inside of a person, animal, or plant that is caused by a disease:

a cancerous growth on the liver

[ C or U ] something that has grown:

Graham came back from the camping trip with a week's growth of beard on his chin.

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growthnoun [ C/U ]

us /ɡroʊθ/

the process of developing or of increasing in size:

[ U ] Plant growth is most noticeable in spring.
[ U ] His budget is designed to promote economic growth in this country.

A growth is also tissue growing on the outside or inside of a person, animal, or plant which is caused by a disease.

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"growth" in Business English

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growthnoun [ C or U ]

uk /ɡrəʊθ/ us

ECONOMICS an increase in the ability of an economy or business to produce goods and services:

the growth of the Indian economy
We have had three successive years of economic growth.
growth rate/rate of growth The economy's growth rate is likely to slow.
revenue/job growth The steel company reported revenue growth of 55% last year on strong demand for its products.
annual/future/long-term growth
rapid/strong/impressive growth
slow/weak growth

an increase in size, amount, degree, level, etc.:

the growth of sth The growth of farm spending has not been halted.
I have been impressed by the rapid growth of the fair trade movement.
growth in sth a 19% growth in internet use
The growth in the money supply was faster than expected.

FINANCE, STOCK MARKET the increase in value of an investment over a long period:

Choose a trust that invests for growth rather than for income.
The investor should stay in for long-term growth.
a growth company

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