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"hire" in British English

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hireverb [ T ]

uk /haɪər/ us /haɪr/

B1 UK US rent to pay to use something for a short period:

How much would it cost to hire a car for the weekend?
You could always hire a dress for the ball if you can't afford to buy one.

B2 to employ someone or pay someone to do a particular job:

I was hired by the first company I applied to.

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uk /haɪər/ us /haɪr/

hire noun (THING)

[ U ] UK an arrangement to use something by paying for it:

The price includes flights and car hire.
a hire car
There's a camping shop in town that has tents for hire (= available to be hired) at £30 a week.
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hire noun (PERSON)

[ C ] mainly US a person to whom a company has recently given a job:

She's our latest hire.

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"hire" in American English

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hireverb [ T ]

us /hɑɪər/

to start to employ someone:

You ought to hire a lawyer to handle your taxes.

hirenoun [ C ]

us /hɑɪər/

an employee:

Those retiring will be replaced by new hires.

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"hire" in Business English

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hireverb [ T ]

uk /haɪər/ us

HR to employ someone in a permanent job:

Increased business means that the company will need to hire 15 new sales staff.
hire sb as sth A supervisor noticed her potential and hired her as a trading trainee.
be hired by sb/sth Employees hired by a public agency after July 1 will automatically be enrolled in the new contribution plan.
Managers are given a free hand in hiring and firing employees.

HR to pay a person or company to do a particular job for a short period of time:

We will hire a contractor to consider what can be done that is cost effective.

mainly UK US rent COMMERCE to pay to use something for a short period of time:

They hired a billboard in a prominent position on Oxford Street to promote the event.


uk /haɪər/ us

[ U ] mainly UK US rental COMMERCE an arrangement in which someone pays to use something for a short period:

car/equipment/plant hire Prices include return flights and car hire.
There are plenty of cars available for hire.

[ C ] HR a person who a company or organization employs in a permanent job:

additional/fresh/new hires Three-quarters of the debt-collection industry's new hires quit after just three months.

(Definition of “hire” from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)