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"hop" in British English

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uk /hɒp/ us /hɑːp/ -pp-

C2 [ I ] to jump on one foot or to move about in this way:

I tried to hop on my good foot while holding onto Jim.

C1 [ I + adv/prep ] informal to go somewhere quickly or to get into or out of a vehicle quickly:

We hopped over to Bruges for the weekend.
I hopped on the bus at the traffic lights.

C2 [ I ] If a small animal, bird, or insect hops, it moves by jumping on all or two of its feet at the same time:

The rabbit/bird hopped across the grass.

More examples

  • Can you hop on your left leg?
  • The children were hopping around the playground.


uk /hɒp/ us /hɑːp/

hopadjective [ before noun ]

uk /hɒp/ us /hɑːp/

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"hop" in American English

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hopverb [ I/T ]

us /hɑp/ -pp-

to make small jumps on one or two feet, or to move along in this way:

[ I ] A bird hopped across the lawn.
[ T ] Nikki hopped the fence (= jumped over it).
[ I ] fig. Come on, hop in (= get in), I’ve got plenty of room in the car.
noun [ C ] us /hɑp/

fig. It’s just a short hop to Pittsburgh by plane.

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