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uk /ˌhɒr.ɪˈzɒn.təl/ us /ˌhɔːr.ɪˈzɑːn.t̬əl/
adverb uk /ˌhɒr.ɪˈzɒn.təl.i/ us /ˌhɔːr.ɪˈzɑːn.t̬əl.i/

horizontalnoun [ C usually singular ]

uk /ˌhɒr.ɪˈzɒn.təl/ us /ˌhɔːr.ɪˈzɑːn.t̬əl/

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horizontaladjective [ not gradable ]

us /ˌhɔr·əˈzɑn·təl, ˌhɑr-/

flat or level; parallel with the ground:

Keep the patient in a horizontal position with her feet slightly raised.
adverb /ˌhɔr·əˈzɑn·təl·i, ˌhɑr-/

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uk /ˌhɒrɪˈzɒntəl/ us

something that is horizontal goes across, level to the ground, rather than up or down:

Horizontal drilling has given the oil industry a way to extract oil from places where it was once almost impossible.

relating to companies, departments, etc. that have the same activities as each other:

a horizontal agreement/alliance

relating to a company or organization that has few or no different levels of management:

The horizontal organization allows participants to solve many problems themselves.


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