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"ice" in British English

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uk /aɪs/ us /aɪs/

ice noun (FROZEN WATER)

A2 [ U ] water that has frozen and become solid, or pieces of this:

The pond was covered in ice all winter.
Would you like ice in your juice?
I've put a couple of bottles of champagne on ice (= in a container of ice to get cold).
He slipped on a patch of ice.

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ice noun (ICE CREAM)

[ C ] UK old-fashioned an ice cream, especially one bought in a shop:

The shop sign said "Drinks, Cakes, Ices!"


iceverb [ T ]

uk /aɪs/ us /aɪs/

ice verb [ T ] (KILL)

US slang to murder someone

Phrasal verb(s)

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"ice" in American English

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icenoun [ U ]

us /ɑɪs/

ice noun [ U ] (FROZEN WATER)

water that has frozen solid, or pieces of this:

Don’t slip on the ice.
I’d like a ginger ale with no ice.

iceverb [ T ]

us /ɑɪs/

ice verb [ T ] (COVER CAKE)


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