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uk /ɪmˈpəʊz/ us /ɪmˈpoʊz/

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us /ɪmˈpoʊz/

impose verb (MAKE RULES)

[ T ] to establish something as a rule to be obeyed, or to force the acceptance of something:

Settlers often imposed their culture on the peoples of the countries they conquered.

impose verb (INCONVENIENCE)

[ I ] to cause inconvenience to someone or to try to spend time with them when they do not want you to:

She’s always imposing on people for favors.
I hope I’m not imposing by staying another night.

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"impose" in Business English

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imposeverb [ T ]

uk /ɪmˈpəʊz/ us

to introduce a new law, tax, rule, or punishment:

impose a ban/restriction/penalty on sb/sth They are calling for the regulatory body to impose a ban on television ads aimed at the under-12s.
to impose a fine/tariff/tax

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The precautionary principle, therefore, prescribes that we do not wait to impose a ban on this substance until the final results of the investigation are known.
Thus, we cannot logically adopt a proposal to impose sanctions in cases of non-compliance with this principle until a legal base has been adopted and a common methodology agreed.
I completely agree with this, as well as the fact that certain groups use violence to try to impose their ideals.
There is no obligation to impose charges in all airports, since it is not necessary to establish them in airports with no noise problems.
In order to achieve this, we do not need to complicate the decision-making process, to impose competences or to continue to foster suspicion.
Any attempt by anyone, including by any third party, to define - let alone impose - the territorial area to be adopted for trading purposes is therefore premature.
We shall all have to be sufficiently strong to force our political leaders to voluntarily impose women' s participation in the political decision-making process.
Why should it be impracticable, and it can be differentiated, to impose this tax on spot foreign exchange transactions, all the so-called cash transactions, currency futures and options?
From recent data, it became clear that these limits would impose requirements beyond the scope of what is reasonably achievable, without benefit to public health.
The history of the country shows clearly that no one faction can ever impose itself and its political and cultural philosophy on the whole country.