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incentivenoun [ C or U ]

uk /ɪnˈsen.tɪv/ us /ɪnˈsen.t̬ɪv/

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incentivenoun [ C/U ]

us /ɪnˈsen·tɪv/

something that encourages a person to do something:

[ C ] Tax incentives are sometimes effective in encouraging people to save money.
[ U ] These kids have no incentive to learn.

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"incentive" in Business English

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incentivenoun [ C or U ]

uk /ɪnˈsentɪv/ us

something, especially money, that encourages a person or organization to do something:

financial/fiscal/monetary incentive Cash grants were part of the financial incentives given to developers of new solar power technology.
a big/great/generous incentive
incentive to do sth
Executives had a strong incentive to destroy papers they knew would incriminate them in court.
be/have little/no incentive There will be little incentive to consolidate before new tax laws take effect.
incentive for sb to do sth There's no incentive for the unions to make concessions now, since they've always been given what they asked for.
incentive package/plan/system
create/offer/provide an incentive

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Far and away the worst offender is market distortion, which traps poor farmers in a cycle of poverty and gives them little incentive to increase food production.
Using appropriations that have not been used may prove an incentive not to use all research appropriations in order to be able to invest them in decommissioning.
The new incentive for sustainable development and governance will support our commitment to core human and labour rights and environmental protection in the framework of our existing trade policy.
Another disadvantage, which rarely occurs, is the lack of incentive for structural reforms, which is the result of making responsibilities mutual.
The funding proposal amounts to just an eighth of the estimated budget and therefore does not offer any incentive for serious additional private initiatives.
Environmental levies, which are being planned for air traffic, should not constrict long flights unfairly, but should work as an incentive to withdraw short flights in favour of rail.
Secondly, the costs included in the tariffs must be sure to give the market the right incentive, i.e. they must cover all losses and encourage investment.
I believe, too, that transparency will ultimately strengthen competition; it stands to reason that transparent competition creates a greater incentive to manufacture the best possible mixes.
Coupling financial support with production creates an incentive - indeed, a necessity - to increase production and rely on more and more intensive production methods.
In addition, there is some kind of financial incentive that contributes in some way or other to ensuring that this waste is disposed of.