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Meaning of “index” in the English Dictionary

"index" in British English

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uk   us   /ˈɪn.deks/ (plural indices or indexes)

index noun (LIST)

C1 [C] an alphabeticallist, such as one ​printed at the back of a ​bookshowing which ​page a ​subject, ​name, etc. is on: Try ​looking up "​heartdisease" in the index. [C] a ​collection of ​informationstored on a ​computer or on a set of ​cards, in alphabeticalorder: He still has all his ​friends' ​names and ​addresses on a card index.
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index noun (COMPARISON)

[C] a ​system of ​numbers used for ​comparingvalues of things that ​changeaccording to each other or a ​fixedstandard: the FTSE 100 Index the Dow Jones Index a ​wage/​price index [C usually singular] something that ​shows how ​strong or ​common a ​condition or ​feeling is: Consumer ​spending is often a good index ofpublicconfidence in the ​economy.
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indexverb [T]

uk   us   /ˈɪn.deks/

index verb [T] (MAKE LIST)

to ​prepare an index for a ​book or ​collection, or ​arrange it in an index: Our ​computer indexes several thousand new ​records every second. The ​bookcontains a lot of ​information, but it's not very well indexed.

index verb [T] (COMPARE)

to ​change a ​system of ​numbersaccording to each other or a ​fixedstandard: Living ​expenses will be indexed to/in ​line withinflation (= to take ​inflation into ​consideration).
(Definition of index from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

"index" in American English

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indexnoun [C]

 us   /ˈɪn·deks/ (plural indexes  /ˈɪnˌdek·səz/ or indices  /ˈɪn·dəˌsiz/ )

index noun [C] (LIST)

writing an ​alphabeticallist, such as one ​printed at the back of a ​bookshowing on which ​page a ​name or ​subjectappears, or ​computerinformationordered in a ​particular way: If you ​want to ​find the ​place in the ​text that Henry James is ​mentioned, ​look it up in the index.

index noun [C] (COMPARISON)

a ​number used to show the ​value of something by ​comparing it to something ​else whose ​value is ​known: a ​wage/​price index fig. The ​rate of ​consumerspending is often ​thought to be an index of ​publicconfidence (= show the ​state of the public’s ​confidence) in the ​health of the ​economy.

indexverb [T]

 us   /ˈɪn·deks/

index verb [T] (MAKE LIST)

to ​prepare an index for a ​book, or to ​arrangeinformation in an index: He ​organized and indexed the ​material by ​computer.

index verb [T] (MAKE COMPARISON)

to ​vary a ​system of ​numbers against another or against a ​fixedstandard: SocialSecuritypayments are indexed to (= ​adjusted to ​allow for)inflation every ​year.
(Definition of index from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

"index" in Business English

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indexnoun [C]

uk   us   /ˈɪndeks/
(plural indices, indexes) FINANCE, ECONOMICS a ​system that ​measures the ​presentvalue of something when compared to its previous ​value or a ​fixedstandard: The houseprice indexestimates the ​change in the ​value of the nation's ​housingstock. a bond/​share/​stock indexan index of sth The ​fundtracks an index of the UK's ​top 350 UK ​shares.
(plural indices) a ​sign or ​measure of something: an index of sth Unemployment ​levelsprovide a useful index of the ​state of the ​economy.
(plural indexes) an alphabetical ​list that ​shows you where ​information is ​found in a ​book, on a ​website, etc.: a searcheable index online indexes to ​articles and ​reports
(plural indexes) a ​collection of ​information that is ​stored in alphabetical ​order: I ​keep an index of all my ​clients' ​contact details.

indexverb [T, usually passive]

uk   us   /ˈɪndeks/
FINANCE to ​connect the ​value of a ​price or ​payment to the ​value of something else such as the ​rate of ​inflation: be indexed to sth The ​pension is indexed to ​earnings. The ​unions are ​demandingwagerises indexed to ​prices.
to ​provide a ​book or ​website with an index: All ​contentheld in the ​site is fully indexed.
(Definition of index from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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“index” in Business English

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