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"index" in British English

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uk /ˈɪn.deks/ us /ˈɪn.deks/ plural indices indexes

index noun (LIST)

C1 [ C ] an alphabetical list, such as one printed at the back of a book showing which page a subject, name, etc. is on:

Try looking up "heart disease" in the index.

[ C ] a collection of information stored on a computer or on a set of cards, in alphabetical order:

He still has all his friends' names and addresses on a card index.

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index noun (COMPARISON)

[ C ] a system of numbers used for comparing values of things that change according to each other or a fixed standard:

the FTSE 100 Index
the Dow Jones Index
a wage/price index

[ C usually singular ] something that shows how strong or common a condition or feeling is:

Consumer spending is often a good index of public confidence in the economy.

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indexverb [ T ]

uk /ˈɪn.deks/ us /ˈɪn.deks/

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"index" in American English

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indexnoun [ C ]

us /ˈɪn·deks/ plural indexes /ˈɪnˌdek·səz/ indices /ˈɪn·dəˌsiz/

index noun [ C ] (LIST)

writing an alphabetical list, such as one printed at the back of a book showing on which page a name or subject appears, or computer information ordered in a particular way:

If you want to find the place in the text that Henry James is mentioned, look it up in the index.

index noun [ C ] (COMPARISON)

a number used to show the value of something by comparing it to something else whose value is known:

a wage/price index
fig. The rate of consumer spending is often thought to be an index of public confidence (= show the state of the public’s confidence) in the health of the economy.

indexverb [ T ]

us /ˈɪn·deks/

index verb [ T ] (MAKE LIST)

to prepare an index for a book, or to arrange information in an index:

He organized and indexed the material by computer.

index verb [ T ] (MAKE COMPARISON)

to vary a system of numbers against another or against a fixed standard:

Social Security payments are indexed to (= adjusted to allow for) inflation every year.

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"index" in Business English

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indexnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈɪndeks/ us

indexverb [ T, usually passive ]

uk /ˈɪndeks/ us

FINANCE to connect the value of a price or payment to the value of something else such as the rate of inflation:

be indexed to sth The pension is indexed to earnings.
The unions are demanding wage rises indexed to prices.

to provide a book or website with an index:

All content held in the site is fully indexed.

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