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"industry" in British English

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uk /ˈɪn.də.stri/ us /ˈɪn.də.stri/

industry noun (PRODUCTION)

B2 [ U ] the companies and activities involved in the process of producing goods for sale, especially in a factory or special area:

trade and industry
industry and commerce
The city needs to attract more industry.

More examples

  • The government is trying to attract industry to the area .
  • Is industry getting a rough deal from the EU?
  • The state of Michigan has endowed three institutes to do research for industry.
  • Most of the country's industry is in the Northwest.
  • He was honoured for his distinguished service in industry.

industry noun (TYPE OF WORK)

B1 [ C ] the people and activities involved in one type of business:

the gas/electricity industry
the tourist industry
manufacturing industries
The computer industry has been booming.

[ C ] disapproving something that is produced or is available in large quantities and makes a lot of money:

the heritage industry

More examples

  • The government was determined to reduce the number of state-owned industries.
  • The redundancies are spread across the clothing, banking and building industries.
  • Service industries such as tourism have become more important in the post-industrial age.
  • The chemical industry produces such things as petrochemicals, drugs, paint and rubber.
  • She works in the construction industry.

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"industry" in American English

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us /ˈɪn·də·stri, ˈɪnˌdʌs·tri/

industry noun (PRODUCTION)

[ U ] the companies and activities involved in the production of goods for sale, esp. in a factory:

business and industry

industry noun (TYPE OF WORK)

[ C ] a type of business:

She’s worked in the banking and computer industries.

industry noun (HARD WORK)

[ U ] the quality of working hard:

It takes industry and determination to complete a Ph.D.
adjective us /ɪnˈdʌs·tri·əˌlɑɪzd/

industrialized nations
adjective us /ɪnˈdʌs·tri·əs/

Every employee is expected to be competent and industrious.

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"industry" in Business English

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uk /ˈɪndəstri/ us plural industries ECONOMICS, PRODUCTION

[ U ] the companies and activities involved in the production of goods:

We hope the government listens to the concerns of industry and drops its plans to introduce another crippling tax on business.
in industry The largest firms only account for one in four jobs in industry.
go/move into industry Another top accountant has moved into industry.

[ C ] the people and activities involved in one type of business that produces goods or offers services:

the car/electronics/construction industry In the construction industry, as in other industries, mechanization has had a major impact.
the music/movie/entertainment industry
Job gains in service industries such as health care and banking offset losses in such areas as construction.
a global/growing/leading industry
industry figures/data/average The auto maker spends $581 more on distribution per car than the industry average.

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