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influencenoun [ C or U ]

uk /ˈɪn.flu.əns/ us /ˈɪn.flu.əns/

B2 the power to have an effect on people or things, or a person or thing that is able to do this:

Helen's a bad/good influence on him.
He has a huge amount of influence over the city council.
Christopher hoped to exert his influence to make them change their minds.
At the time she was under the influence of her father.

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influenceverb [ T ]

uk /ˈɪn.flu.əns/ us /ˈɪn.flu.əns/

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influenceverb [ T ]

us /ˈɪnˌflu·əns/ /ɪnˈflu-/

to cause someone to change a behavior, belief, or opinion, or to cause something to be changed:

Businesses make large contributions to members of Congress, hoping to influence their votes on key issues.
She was influenced by the common-sense views of her grandparents.
That speech influenced the course of American history.

influencenoun [ C/U ]

us /ˈɪnˌflu·əns/ /ɪnˈflu-/

the power to have an effect on people or things, or someone or something having such power:

[ C ] The kid next door is a bad/good influence on Kevin.
[ U ] She used her influence to get her son a summer job.

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uk /ˈɪnfluəns/ us

[ C or U ] the ability to have an effect on people or events:

exert/have/exercise (an) influence He is close enough to the President to exert influence.
(an) influence on sth Bloggers are expanding their influence on American politics.
(an) influence over sth Consumer groups act as champions and have critical influence over industry.
considerable/profound/growing influence He called on the industry to use its considerable influence to help resolve the situation.

[ C ] a person or thing that is able to have an effect on other people or on events:

International influences in the form of technology, systems and capital have historically been a feature of industrialization and economic growth.
be an influence on sb/sth She has been a big influence on me in my career.
considerable/great/major influence

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influenceverb [ T ]

uk /ˈɪnfluəns/ us

to affect or change how someone or something develops, behaves, or thinks:

Many analysts regard the state of the U.S. job market as a major factor influencing consumer confidence.
influence how/what/when An organization's values have been shown to influence how employees interact with each other.

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Particular emphasis should be placed on all of these issues because they have an influence on the awareness of society and on the way this horrendous phenomenon is reported.
Forms of public intervention, be they tax advantages or direct subsidies, must not, however, influence what types of subsidy are approved nor the permitted intensity of aid granted.
European citizens are waiting for answers for the dynamic procedures which have a dramatic influence on their life in the twenty-first century.
Symptomatic of the ideological influence pervading the report, moreover, is the fact that nowhere does it mention the proven superiority of the social market economy over planned economic models.
They are better educated and better informed, and they want to be involved and to feel that they can influence matters.
The silence of the poor can only be converted into a cry for help by those who have the necessary power and political influence.
The experience with energy supply has taught us that national policies alone will not bring either greater internal security or greater external influence.
We were there as observers, but it is to be hoped that we were also able to influence the way the talks went - at least in some respect.
During this year we have been subjected to pressure from the press with articles, sometimes true and sometimes manipulated, which have attempted to influence our work.
We believe that the international community must exert its influence in order to resolve the security problem and offer rapid and effective support as sponsors.

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