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informverb [ T ]

uk /ɪnˈfɔːm/ us /ɪnˈfɔːrm/

B1 to tell someone about particular facts:

The name of the dead man will not be released until his relatives have been informed.
Why wasn't I informed about this earlier?
Walters was not properly informed of the reasons for her arrest.
[ + that ] I informed my boss that I was going to be away next week.

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informverb [ T ]

us /ɪnˈfɔrm/

to tell someone about something:

Keep me informed about any job opportunities.
She informed her tenants that she was raising the rent.

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uk /ɪnˈfɔːm/ us

[ T ] to tell someone about something, especially officially:

She suspected illegality, and informed the police.
inform sb about sth The industry had a duty to inform the public about the extent of the dangers.
inform sb of sth When the company was informed of the problems we were experiencing, it took extraordinary steps to help us.
inform sb that He informed me that he intended to resign.
keep sb informed Keep the project manager informed about any issue that might have an impact on a project's bottom line.

[ T ] to influence something such as an opinion or decision:

inform sb's choices/behaviour/decisions There are many factors that inform consumer choices.
The habits of individual employees are informed by the corporate culture in which they participate.

[ I or T ] to give information or to teach someone about something:

The news media has an enormous capacity to inform and educate.
inform sb about sth There are many innovative ways to inform kids about the world they live in.

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