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UK also enquiry uk /ɪnˈkwaɪə.ri/ us /ˈɪŋ.kwɚ.i/

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inquirynoun [ C/U ]

also enquiry us /ɪnˈkwɑɪər·i, ˈɪn·kwə·ri/

the act of asking for information:

[ C ] I’ve made inquiries about the cost of a ticket.

An inquiry is also an official attempt to discover the facts about something.

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uk /ɪnˈkwaɪəri/ us plural inquiries UK also enquiry plural enquiries

[ C ] a question or request for information about someone or something:

receive/get an inquiry The company has received more than 1,000 inquiries since they launched the insurance policy last month.
make an inquiry about sth We have received hundreds of calls from people making inquiries about availability of the product.
inquiries from sb A customer-relations service answers 2,000 inquiries from the public each week.
customer/media inquiry Please note that this number is for media inquiries only.
to answer/deal with/handle inquiries
a telephone/email inquiry
initial/preliminary/further inquiries
general/specific inquiries

[ U ] the process of asking a question or asking for information about someone or something:

On further inquiry, the company was told that the contracts had been cancelled.

[ C ] GOVERNMENT an official process to discover the facts about something, especially something bad that has happened:

hold/launch/open an inquiry into sth The Competitions Commission will hold an inquiry into the incident.
The Council has set up an independent inquiry which will show the effect of closure of the plant.

[ C or U ] IT an attempt to find information that is kept electronically:

The database management system offers a facility for on-line update and inquiry.
line of inquiry plural lines of inquiry

a way of finding out information:

The company is pursuing its own lines of inquiry into the fraud.

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We had our own inquiry.
In 2001, a fresh inquiry was opened following a claim, but the investigation did not yield proof of the alleged facts.
We welcome the fact that the average length of inquiry was reduced to nine months (compared to 13 months in 2008).
The process of complaint and inquiry gives the institution the opportunity to explain to the public what it has done and why.
We all know, do we not - from other committees and committees of inquiry - that promises for the future are only made for the purposes of overcoming present difficulties.
I should prefer not to have to wait ten years to get an answer, thanks to a committee of inquiry set up to examine what happened.
In short, no such inquiry is possible.
We await the findings of this inquiry.
The period of inquiry is over.
Do we want a committee of inquiry?