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integritynoun [ U ]

uk /ɪnˈteɡ.rə.ti/ us /ɪnˈteɡ.rə.t̬i/

integrity noun [ U ] (HONESTY)

C2 approving the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles that you refuse to change:

No one doubted that the president was a man of the highest integrity.
sb's artistic, professional, etc. integrity approving

someone's high artistic standards or standards of doing their job, and that person's determination not to lower those standards:

Keen to preserve his artistic integrity, he refused several lucrative Hollywood offers.

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integritynoun [ U ]

us /ɪnˈteɡ·rɪ·t̬i/

integrity noun [ U ] (HONESTY)

the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles:

He was a man of the highest personal integrity.

integrity noun [ U ] (UNITY)

wholeness and unity:

The integrity of the play would be ruined by changing the ending.

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integritynoun [ U ]

uk /ɪnˈteɡrəti/ us

the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles that you refuse to change:

He was a journalist of immense skill and integrity.

the quality of being whole and complete:

They do not independently check the integrity of the data that companies send to them.

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Female genital mutilation, of whatever degree, is an act of violence against women, which violates their fundamental rights, their individual integrity, and their physical and mental health.
Climate changes, waste, fishing activities, acoustic, biological and chemical factors threaten maritime waters and this directive represents an important step toward improving the integrity of ecosystems and preserving biodiversity.
If we do not manage to have moral integrity, we will not have the credibility that is required if we are to shape this process in a reasonable way.
I have no more to say on the subject, save to pay tribute to my officials who have tried to implement a difficult policy honestly, transparently and with integrity.
We need to increase checks, ensure the integrity of those who carry out those checks and define which ports should be able to receive vessels in distress.
Thirdly, a more general application of the special inspection regime for oil tankers, in order to assess the structural integrity of single-hull vessels over fifteen years old.
We know that security is a difficult and complex task, encompassing all sorts of issues like availability, integrity, authenticity and confidentiality of data and services.
Territorial integrity is not a theory: it is a practical concept in which integrity means that the entire territory is guaranteed, not that anything goes.
Without a policy which guarantees integrity and sovereignty, there can be no trust, no prospects, no dialogue and no democratic reform.
We must declare that everyone is entitled to their physical and mental integrity and that this integrity involves the right to a decent life.

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